Selecting Your PC

Selecting Your PC or Laptop

Please log onto the PantherExpress System and enter the Dell Punchout. The featured configurations are displayed on the landing page.

For assistance, please contact Dell sales representatives Bob Gaydosh or Nathan Emery:

Bob Gaydosh, Account Executive

Nathan Emery, Inside Sales

Job Classification Matrix

The job classification matrix recommends a desktop or notebook model for each specific University job classification.  The specifications of the featured configurations should meet or exceed the performance needs for the average user with that job classification.  However, please review the details to ensure that the suggested model achieves your computing needs. 

View the classification matrix for Staff

View the classification matrix for Faculty

If Featured Recommendations or Dell Products do not Meet Your Requirements

While the University believes that the Computing Consolidation Initiative and Dell computer recommendations listed above will provide a cost effective best fit for most of the University's computing needs, we recognize that in some cases the recommendations above, or Dell computers in general, may not be the right fit for specific or unique departmental computing needs.

If you have determined that your departmental computer requirements are best met either by a computer that is not shown in the classification matrix or by a non-Dell product, then please contact PantherExpress Customer Service for guidance by submitting an online inquiry or by calling 412-624-3578. Thank you.