Purchasing Software

There are many ways to obtain software for University computing needs however the following process should be considered to achieve the best value and ordering efficiency.  Specifically, the following purchasing choices are encouraged:

Changes to Software License Purchase Policy

As announced on October 16, certain P-Cards can now be opened for the purchase of “Click-Wrap”, “Click to Accept”, “Shrink Wrapped, and Monthly, Quarterly & Annual Subscription” software licenses.  Please visit for detailed information concerning this change.

Software FAQs

Does the University have a policy for purchasing software?

Yes, since a software license is considered a contract, all contracts, including software licenses, are subject to review under University Policies 01-05-01 and 05-02-05. The exceptions to this are software licenses purchased through CSSD’s Software Licensing Services and CDW-G.

How do I purchase software?

Through our expanded partnership with CDW-G, certain software licenses known as “Click-Wrap, Shrink-Wrap and Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS)” are available through the CDW-G Punch-Out in the PantherExpress System. Please note that PRIOR to purchasing a software license from CDW-G you should FIRST check the software’s availability through CSSD’s Software Distribution Services

What if the software license I need is not available through CSSD’s Software Distribution Services or CDW-G?

Follow the University’s standard practice for purchasing software licenses by submitting the Software Form through the PantherExpress System or by submitting a PRISM requisition and the supporting documentation.