Program Overview

Why Consider a Featured Configuration?

The Computing Consolidation Initiative (CCI) provides significant product cost savings to University staff and faculty of approximately $3.1 million over 3 years.  Additionally, utilizing featured configurations helps in the following ways:

 1.  VALUE – By partnering with Preferred Providers (Dell and CDW-G) we are able to increase our purchasing power and lower overall computer purchasing costs. Selection of featured reliable and supportable professional business grade computers help us take full advantage of the competitive pricing negotiated for the computers that are already most frequently selected by our campus community.

2.  COMPATABILITY - The University works diligently with our technical teams to make professional business grade computer selections to best meet the computing requirements of the campus. These computers are tested for compatibility with our networks and are scalable for 3 to 5 years of operations on campus.

3.  TIME SAVINGS – By providing a concise list of featured configurations the best available pricing, the time and effort required for the shopping and ordering process should be greatly diminished.   Since Dell can expect to receive orders for the featured configurations, lead time to receive the desktop or notebook should be reduced.

4.  SUPPORT - Fewer computer models makes it possible for IT support staff to promptly answer your questions and fix any problems that may arise. This ensures you receive efficient service when you experience problems, allowing you to get back to work as quickly as possible. Reducing hardware options allows IT staff to familiarize themselves with select computers and obtain any specific training needed for the support of a new product. Requesting direct supplier support is more efficient to help us better serve the user community.  The initiative ensures that the most reliable service is provided to University staff and faculty. 

Finally, maintaining a history of IT-recommended configurations makes it easier to select new hardware, software, and peripherals that will work with your computer the first time, every time. And when you upgrade to a new computer, IT can get you up and running faster.

5.  SUPPORT COSTS – The initial cost of a computer is just part of the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Cheaper, custom configured computers may save a little up front, but cost more in the end. TCO has a big impact on the campus community due to the hidden support costs caused by the amount of time it will take to setup, maintain, and repair a custom configured computer. This hidden overhead is costly to the university as it decreases the efficiency of IT support staff and the customers they support.