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Check Forgeries

If you, as the intended payee of a University of Pittsburgh check, have not received payment within a reasonable period of time, we request that you wait one month before notifying Payment Processing (non-student payments) or Student Financial Services (student payments) of a missing check.

If after investigation it is determined that the check was cashed, General Accounting will obtain a copy of the canceled check and present it to the Department or individual who issued the check to determine if the signature is forged. If the Department or individual cannot identify the endorsement, General Accounting will request that the payee complete an “Affidavit of Forged Endorsement.” General Accounting will forward the original affidavit and other required documents to Bank of New York Mellon and copies to the Office of Finance and Campus Police.

Bank of New York Mellon requires several weeks to investigate the forgery and determine if it is appropriate to credit the University of Pittsburgh bank account. Once the University of Pittsburgh’s bank account is credited, the University will issue a new check to the payee.

Non-student forgeries should be handled through the issuing Department. If a Department chooses to reissue a check prior to recovery, the Department account would be charged. Upon receipt of the bank credit, the Department account will be credited.