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Background & Information

In 2009, the Office of the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), together with Computing Services and Systems Development (CSSD), implemented an online financial activity reporting system for the University community.

The online reporting system is designed to encourage staff members to manage their revenues and expenditures on a monthly basis, via the review of electronic pre-formatted reports and/or downloads of related electronic data.  Each report provides information for specially designated groupings of reporting entities and departments.

For information regarding the groupings that exist in your respective Responsibility Center, contact your Responsibility Center (RC) Financial Data Approver. (Approvers can find listings of all existing groups in their respective RC in Cognos in the "GL Access" folder.)

Note, the online requests process utilizes WebNow software, which is engineered to work in any type of browser. However, it may also require a Java plug-in. In some cases, IE or Firefox may work better than other browsers. If you encounter technical/browser issues, log a ticket with the CSSD help desk at

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are there audit or accounting guidelines that mandate the storage of paper copies of level reports?

There are no specific legal or accounting guidelines that state that there MUST be paper copies of level reports stored/maintained for a certain period of years. However, for audit purposes, departments are required to maintain paper copies of documents that support activity that is reported in level reports (receipts, p-card transactions, etc.). Additionally, for possible future verification purposes, it is strongly suggested that departments maintain either electronic or paper files of level reports for several years. (Note: in the online system, one can create a new electronic copy of a level report for any time period going back to FY96.)

2. Can PDF files be “marked up” (can we write notes, explanations, check marks, etc)?

Yes. However, this requires additional software. Currently all University personnel have access to free versions of Adobe Acrobat Reader, which allows one to view PDF files. In order to mark up PDF files, you have to purchase Adobe Acrobat Professional (as of January 2014, the University software cost per user is $65 for the license, and $5 for the media).

3. If an employee (online level report recipient) leaves the university, how long does it take for his userid/password to get disabled by the “university”? How long would it take for access to online level reports to get de-activated?

The userid will be de-activated on their last day of employment with the University.

4. If a person is no longer an employee, but is a student (hence, retaining his/her userid), what happens to the COGNOS reports access? How long would it take for online report access to get disabled?

If the account is still active and valid, the access will NOT change until someone physically notifies CSSD of that change. The process for notifying CSSD of the change will be similar to how personnel changes are reported for PRISM or Peoplesoft purposes. At this time, however, any notifications regarding personnel changes should be provided via email to Peter DeNardis as soon as they are effective.

5. If an employee transfers from one department to another, how long would it take for that change to be reflected in the online level report access/viewing?

Same as above – the timing is dependent entirely on when notification is sent by the affected departments to appropriate CFO and/or CSSD staff.

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