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Direct Deposit

Currently, the University of Pittsburgh offers the direct deposit of earnings into ONE financial account. This account can be either a savings or checking account at a bank, credit union or other financial institution, provided the institution participates in the NACHA network of electronic banking. Although most banks, credit unions or lenders participate in NACHA, some do not. Make sure your financial institution participates in NACHA before requesting the direct deposit of your earnings there.


Online Direct Deposit Instructions


Where to find your Account and Transit/Routing Numbers on a blank check






Changes made 2 business days prior to biweekly payday are not guaranteed for the current period. Changes made 4 business days prior to monthly payday are not guaranteed for the current period.

EXCEPTION: Changes made for December Monthly processing are not guaranteed if made after December 12th for December payday. If you need further information for effective dates, please submit an inquiry at