Supplier Evaluation Program

PantherExpress is pleased to offer The University of Pittsburgh Supplier Evaluation Program. The purpose of the program is to submit supplier performance information to PantherExpress, measure supplier performance, verify contract compliance, communicate the information to the supplier, and take appropriate corrective action when necessary. Although the program’s focus is to improve the performance of the University’s contracted suppliers, we will also collect information regarding the performance of non-contract suppliers in order to maintain a history of their performance. The program will evaluate the following supplier performance areas:

  • Customer Service: Responsiveness, timely resolution of issues, and professionalism/courtesy.
  • Delivery: On-time delivery, delivery accuracy/verification, contract compliance with packaging/shipping/transportation requirements, and the ability to efficiently manage rush orders.
  • Quality Control: Return processing, order accuracy, order completeness, order inspection, and inventory management
  • Price: Compliance with contract pricing and overall pricing competitiveness
  • Integration: Supplier’s efforts to fully integrate with the policies, procedures and initiatives of the University of Pittsburgh.

When should you provide this feedback?

  • To communicate poor performance. Examples:
    • Late deliveries
    • Poor customer service.
    • Damaged/defective goods.
    • Incorrect or missing goods.

  • To communicate outstanding performance. Examples:
    • Consistent on-time, accurate deliveries.
    • Professional account representatives and customer service.
    • Timely resolution of issues.

Why should you provide this feedback?

  • To drive suppliers to continuously improve their processes and procedures.
  • To reduce the cost of poor supplier performance.

All feedback will be communicated to suppliers on a continuous basis so they can apply immediate corrective actions. Additionally, for contracted suppliers, the feedback will be tracked on a quarterly basis and used to create a scorecard which measures the supplier’s overall performance. The scorecard will rate the supplier in each of the above performance areas. If performance is below the minimum acceptable score, the supplier will be required to complete and submit a corrective action plan to the Purchasing Department. Continued poor performance will result in formal supplier reviews and potential loss of contracted supplier status.

To provide supplier feedback:

Go to the supplier evaluation form and:

  • Complete the supplier evaluation feedback form. Detailed instructions are provided on the form. Please ensure your comments are as specific as possible.
  • If you would like a member of Purchasing to contact you regarding your feedback, please check the appropriate box on the form. You will be contacted within 24 hours.
  • Submit your form.
  • The information will be sent to the PantherExpress Customer Service department and used to rate the supplier’s performance.

If you have any questions or feedback on this process, please submit a purchasing inquiry using the “Other” option.

PantherExpress thanks you in advance for your participation in this process. Your feedback is vital to continuously improving the performance of the University’s contracted suppliers.











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