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Sent: 10/8/18

PantherExpress Purchasing Services is excited to share a new PRISM tool, Search for Diversity Suppliers, created by Financial Information Services (FIS). This search tool includes all verified diversity suppliers with whom any University purchaser has placed an order and allows users to find diversity suppliers and confirm diversity business enterprise (DBE) status.

The tool can be accessed from PRISM, under the “Pitt Supplier View” link, from Ask Cathy by searching for “Diversity” or “DBE,” or from a link in the PantherExpress System in the welcome messages.

Within the Search for Diversity Suppliers tool, you can search for specific suppliers or view all by a particular diversity classification. It is especially useful in confirming a supplier’s DBE status. Suppliers included in the tool have at least one DBE designation, as indicated on their Supplier Verification (SVF) form, and the list indicates specifically the type of diversity classification. Only suppliers who have indicated a DBE designation on their SVF form are included. You may also search for suppliers by Commodity / Service.  You’ll note, however, that this is a free text field and that not all suppliers in the tool have provided information to be stored in this field.

This tool empowers purchasers to confirm diversity status of their suppliers or to find diversity suppliers in advance of making routine purchases or when buying to fulfill small business subcontracting plan goals. It is also one way that PantherExpress can further support the diversity initiatives in the Plan for Pitt.

More information about our Supplier Diversity Program is available on the PantherExpress website.

If you have questions about the tool, please contact FIS by submitting a ticket or calling 412-624-4357. If you have a question about purchasing policy or procedures, please contact PantherExpress Customer Service through the PantherExpress inquiry form or by calling 412-624-3578.

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