BD Biosciences Research Reagents

Fisher Scientific has announced that it is now the exclusive distributor of BD Biosciences Research Reagents through PantherBuy.

BD Research Reagents Now Available Through Fisher Scientific

BD Biosciences Research reagents are NOW available through Fisher Scientific on PantherBuy with FREE shipping, no ice charges, and the same or better product prices as purchasing through BD Biosciences directly!!

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BD and Fisher Scientific have entered into an exclusive, strategic partnership to market and sell BD research reagents in the US in order to better serve the University of Pittsburgh. The University now has multiple options to order BD products using your preferred channel.

Available through Fisher Scientific all BD Bioscience; Research Use Only (RUO) and RUO (GMP) reagents including:BD Pharmingen - BD Phosflow - BD Cytometric Bead Array (CBA) - BD OptEIA - BD ELISPOT - BD Transduction Laboratories.

Product Categories include Research Reagents, Antibodies and Buffers, Second Step Reagents, Immunoassays, Magnetic Cell Separation Reagents, Cell-Based Assays, Bioimaging Reagents, Protein Expression.

Key Applications include Flow Cytometry, Western blotting, immunofluorescence/microscopy, ELISA, ELISPOT, Bead-based immunoassays, magnetic cell separation.

Focus Areas Immunology, Cell Signaling, Cytokine Analysis, Stem Cell Research, Apoptosis, Cell Cycle and Proliferation.Custom products will not be available through the Fisher Scientific sales channel.

Contact information:

David Zdobinski Timothy Stewart
Life Science Application Specialist Account Manager
Fisher Scientific BD Bioscience


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