Integrated DNA Technologies

Posted sometime between 2006-2009

The University of Pittsburgh’s Supplier Management Department is pleased to announce the addition of Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT) as a University-Wide Contracted Supplier. Integrated DNA Technologies is the largest supplier of custom nucleic acids in the US, manufacturing DNA and RNA oligos, serving the areas of academic research, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical development.  Products include custom gene construction, RNAi duplexes and reagents, probes for RT-PCR, in addition to market-leading DNA and RNA synthesis. 

IDT products support applications including DNA sequencing, DNA amplification, expression profiling, microarray analysis, SNP detection, gene quantification and functional genomics.  IDT is unique in its ability to accommodate even the largest orders without compromising quality.

The IDT Advantage:

  • Industry-leading quality control

  • All oligos are quantitated twice by UV spectrophotometry

  • All oligos are analyzed by mass spectrometry

  • All purified oligos are analyzed by capillary electrophoresis

  • IDT developed a custom, proprietary LC-MS electrospray method to provide accurate mass assessment up to 200 bases

Easy online ordering and free web features:

  • All QC documents available free online

  • Access invoices at any time

  • Extensive order history accessible from web account

  • Track shipments

  • Reorder products easily


Contact information:

The IDT Sales Representative for the University of Pittsburgh is Jeff Williams. He can be reached at or at 1-330-284-3530 (Cell Phone).  IDT Customer Care and Technical Support Groups can be reached at 1-800-328-2661 for inquiries about orders, products and services.



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