Fisher Scientific

The Office of Budget and Controller is pleased to announce the award to Fisher Scientific, part of Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., as the preferred provider of scientific supplies, scientific equipment and instrumentation. 

This contract award resulted from a competitive bidding process overseen by a commodity advisory team consisting of representatives from Arts & Sciences, the Schools of Health Sciences and the Office of Budget and Controller.  Prior to requesting supplier proposals, the team conducted a thorough analysis of our purchasing preferences, service requirements, and the scientific supplies market segment.  

     This six-month project resulted in very significant product cost savings, approximately $7 million over five years, for University faculty and researchers.  Additionally, Fisher will work closely with the Biological Sciences Stockroom to make improvements in ordering and service. 

     The new contract provides the highest discounts on the top 700 most frequently-used items.  This will be termed our “Hot List”.  The Hot List will be adjusted annually to accommodate shifts in the University purchasing patterns.  Virtually all other items will receive improved discounts by category.  Additionally, the contract includes free freight via normal delivery methods and very significant discounts on any new lab start-up.  

     This new preferred supplier partnership with Fisher Scientific will benefit individual customers as well as the University as a whole.  The significant contractual benefits to researchers and scientists were achieved in part by consolidating volume with the preferred supplier.  Therefore, we request that you make Fisher the first-stop provider of scientific supplies.  Specifically, we encourage the following purchasing choices.


  • Exact match (same brand and item) products are to be purchased from Fisher.  Competitor exact match products will no longer be available on PantherBuy.

  • First consideration should be given to Fisher’s top-quality, discounted technical equivalent products.

  • Unique, one-of-a-kind products from Fisher competitors will still be available on PantherBuy.


     In these difficult economic times, we appreciate your cooperation in achieving the full benefits of this new contract.

     The exact implementation date of this new contract, and other important information will follow shortly.

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