Molecular Devices

Originally posted sometime between 2006-2009

The University of Pittsburgh Supplier Management Department and Molecular Devices are pleased to announce our new partnership and Molecular Devices status as a University-Wide Contract Supplier. 

Molecular Devices supplies high-performance bioanalytical measurement systems that accelerate and improve drug discovery and other life science research.  These systems, related software and reagents enable pharmaceutical, biotechnology and research institutions to leverage advances in genomics and combinatorial chemistry by facilitating the high-throughput, cost-effective identification and evaluation of drug candidates.  The product solutions are based on advanced core technologies that integrate expertise in engineering, molecular and cell biology, electrophysiology and chemistry. Molecular Devices enable their customers to improve research productivity and effectiveness which ultimately accelerates the complex process of discovering and developing new drugs.


Molecular Devices is now part of MDS Analytical Technologies.  They were founded in 1983 and introduced their first microplate reader in 1987.  MDS Analytical Technologies has broadened their offering through a combination of internal research & development and acquisition.  They have a track record of developing innovative, first-to-market products including instrumentation, software and reagent systems in the areas of cellular imaging, electrophysiology, fluorometric imaging readers, liquid handling, microarray analysis and laser capture microdissection systems (LCM), and microplate readers.

The University contract will have an Account Executive, Rich Battaglia, assigned to the University account on a permanent basis.Please feel free to contact Rich directly at or on his cell phone at (614) 570-9411.Customer Service and Technical Support are available from the MDS home office in Sunnyvale, California at 1-800-635-5577 or on their company website at






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