Procedures for Purchasing Mobile Apps for University Use


The Office of Budget and Controller has established the following procedures for the purchase of business-related applications for University-owned mobile devices (for example – Apple iPhones, Android mobile devices, Apple iPads and other types of tablets) from websites such as the Apple iTunes store.

University of Pittsburgh faculty and staff who wish to purchase applications for University-owned mobile devices should use their personal credit card for the on-line purchase of the business-related application(s), and subsequently submit a Travel and Business (T&B) Expense Report requesting reimbursement for the purchase of the business-related application(s).  The T&B must include the name of the app as well as the business purpose of the app to be reimbursed.  If this information is missing, the T&B will be returned.

Please make certain to print and retain copies of all e-mail receipts which you receive from iTunes or the mobile application provider as confirmation of your purchase(s), and submit a copy of the receipt(s) with your T&B Expense Report.


Other Reminders:

  • At this time, software may not be purchased via the P-Card.  Therefore, you may not use your P-Card to purchase mobile computing applications.

  • University policies #05-08-01 and #10-02-05 require that any and all mobile device applications which are purchased for and downloaded to University of Pittsburgh-owned mobile devices such as the iPad, as well as the data stored on these same devices, must be for official University use only

  • IRS regulations require that those individuals to whom the University-owned device was assigned must reimburse the University for personal use of the mobile device as well as for the cost of the non-business applications and/or data content which have been downloaded onto the mobile device.

  • Accordingly, any and all mobile device applications which have been paid for by the University should reside on a University-owned device only, not on a personally-owned mobile device.


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