Roche Applied Science

Originally posted sometime between 2006-2009

The University of Pittsburgh's Supplier Management Department is pleased to announce the addition of Roche Applied Science as a contracted supplier offering product discounts from 2 - 25% off list price. 

Roche Applied Science provides a broad range of products to research institutions and universities facilitating medical research in today's most important avenues of exploration. Supplying over 2,000 innovative genomics and proteomics reagents and instrumentation for genomics research, the aim of Roche Applied Science is to achieve the perfect symbiosis of service, information, and innovative technology for all customers and applications.

Researchers recognize benefits from products such as  the LightCycler® Systems for qPCR and mutation detection, MagNA Pure Systems for automated nucleic acid purification, the Universal ProbeLibrary for qPCR assay development, and the RTS (Rapid Translation System) for scalable cell-free protein expression.      

For more information about Roche products, visit or contact Jane Dudek, Senior Account Manager, the onsite sales representative for the University of Pittsburgh.  Jane can be reached at 1(800) 845-7355 x28038 or by


Roche Applied Science Customer Service: 1(800) 262-1640

Roche Applied Science Technical Service: 1(800) 262-4911



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