Services Agreements


Purchasing Services and the Office of General Counsel have been working to update the “services agreements” used by University departments in their function as authorized decentralized purchasers up to $5000 (and for Delegated Purchasing Units up to $100,000).  The new document is the Professional Services Agreement (“PSA”) and it is meant to replace the following three documents:


  • Consulting Services Agreement

  • Contracted Services Agreement

  • Professional Services Agreement – Software


(The short letter agreements for Guest Speakers will remain for use on the website.)

The PSA has up-to-date and comprehensive language that better protects the University.  The PSA requires that the writer develop a quality Scope of Services (“SOS”).   The SOS is Exhibit A to the PSA and has an outline and general completion instructions.  Purchasing Services has also developed a set of SOS Writing Tips to assist you in developing the SOS.


The PSA, SOS and SOS Writing Tips are now posted to the Forms section of the Purchasing website at  In order to ease the transition to the new PSA, the older agreements (the Consulting Services Agreement, Contracted Services Agreement, and Professional Services Agreement – Software) will remain on the website until April 30, 2009.  However, after May 1, 2009, please use only the PSA for all of your services purchases under $5000 (or $100,000 for Delegated Purchasing Units).


If you have any questions about the new PSA or would like assistance in working with it and / or developing an SOS, please use the Purchasing inquiry system at and choose “Other” as your “Type of Inquiry”. 



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