Sustainable Purchasing

Originally Posted in 2010

As part of the ongoing commitment by the University of Pittsburgh towards environmental stewardship, Supplier Management, Purchasing Services, and the Office of Budget and Controller have developed and published Commodity Specific Guidelines for computers, paper, and cleaning products.  These guidelines will help facilitate an increased awareness of renewable versus non-renewable resources and provide the means by which University staff, faculty, and students will be better able to evaluate their own purchases in terms of how the decisions made today may influence the quality of life and the quantity of resources available in the future. 


As a means toward promoting and encouraging a more sustainable and environmentally responsible campus, please review the Commodity Specific Guidelines for the sustainable use, re-use and recycling of laptop and desktop computers.  Included are links, which will lead you to several Tools, Tips and Resources for the sustainable purchasing and usage of both laptop and desktop computers.  

  • The Tools link provides access to several forms and calculators designed to evaluate energy savings and performance levels of laptop and desktop computers of various brands and models.  For example, the Energy Star Life Cycle Calculator calculates energy expenditure and life cycle cost of a computer.

  •  The Tips link provides several options for making greener selections. University Contracted and PantherBuy Suppliers such as Dell, Apple, H-P and Lenovo provide some of these options.  

  • The Resources link provides an array of additional resources from which the site visitor can glean additional insight and background in order to make a more environmentally neutral and informed selection of a laptop or desktop computer.

In addition to providing sustainable purchasing guidelines for computers, the Commodity Specific Guidelines webpage provides similar Tools, Tips, and Resources for commodities such as paper and cleaning products.  In the future, this webpage will also feature printers, cell phones, office supplies, and print management services.



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