Sustainable Purchasing: New Lighting Guidelines

Originally Posted in 2010

The University of Pittsburgh encourages environmental stewardship through responsible purchasing decisions.  With this in mind, Supplier Management, Purchasing Services, and the Office of Budget and Controller have compiled and published Commodity Specific Guidelines with Tools, Tips, and Resources to help you make the best sustainable purchasing decisions. 

The Commodity Specific Guidelines page initially featured information related to sustainable computer, paper and cleaning supplies.  It is a pleasure to announce the addition of a new commodity, Lighting, to the list.  Lighting guidelines offer Tools, Tips, and Resources that cover issues including regulatory changes, upgrade options, light bulb compatibility, energy efficiency, and cost reduction.  

As always, University of Pittsburgh contracted suppliers offer a range of products that are green and sustainable.  The Commodity Specific Guidelines page presents relevant comparisons at a glance that allow you to quickly analyze purchasing options.  Thank you in advance for making responsible purchasing decisions.



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