Supplier Management and Purchasing Services Realignment


2010 Announcement

You have told us in customer service surveys that two things are very important to you: 

1) A single point-of-contact, and 2) accessibility.  In addition, the economic climate has given cause to maximize efficiency by embracing new purchasing strategies that will lead to improved cost containment and greater customer satisfaction.  Therefore, we are pleased to announce a new organizational structure for the University of Pittsburgh Supplier Management and Purchasing Services departments.  

Several exciting changes are underway, and the most immediate of them occur effective November 15, 2010.  

What does this mean to purchasers?

 Purchasers will benefit from the following developments:


  • Streamlined (one-stop) Communication

  • Improved Access and Guidance to the Supplier Diversity Program

  • Improved Access and Guidance to the Sustainable Purchasing Program

  • Relevant Help Directories


Streamlined (one-stop) Communication:  While Strategic Sourcing & PantherBuy Solutions focuses on strategy, Purchasing Services will assume the management of all University-wide contract responsibilities.  This means that purchasers will be able to contact one department for assistance with all day-to-day purchasing issues.  


Supplier Diversity Program Guidance:  Purchasing Services will assume responsibility for providing you with assistance in identifying highly qualified Diversity Suppliers.  These suppliers are part of the Supplier Diversity Program.


Sustainable Purchasing Program Guidance:  Purchasing Services will assume responsibility for providing you with assistance in identifying suppliers that practice good environmental stewardship by making sustainable products and educational resources readily available.  These suppliers are part of the Sustainable Purchasing Program.    


Help Directories:  The emphasis on customer service includes measures to make your purchasing experience easier, more streamlined, and more convenient.   We want you to be able to contact one department for most, if not all, of your purchasing questions. 

What is going to change on November 15, 2010?

Department Name: Supplier Management will be renamed Strategic Sourcing & PantherBuy Solutions.  The new name reflects focused attention on product and service savings.  Strategic Sourcing & PantherBuy Solutions functions will include analyzing spending patterns, identifying savings opportunities (either across the University or within specific Responsibility Centers), and driving sourcing projects that will result in the largest savings to the University.  The Strategic Sourcing & PantherBuy Solutions team will also work to ensure that our processes provide you with quick and easy access to the high quality, competitively priced goods and services that you need.

Procurement Specialist-Responsibility Center Assignments:  Several Responsibility Centers have been reassigned to new Purchasing Services Procurement Specialists.  Consult the Realignment Directory to find the Procurement Specialist assigned to your Responsibility Center.

Procurement Specialist Managing Contracts:  Many University-wide contracted suppliers now have new Procurement Specialists managing their contracts.  Consult the Realignment Directory for the Procurement Specialist responsible for managing a specific contract.

What does the future hold?

Further customer service improvements are on the way, and we will introduce new resources and tools as they become available.  For now, a Realignment Directory is available to help you navigate through changes that immediately affect you. 

Finally, we want this transition to be as smooth as possible.  Therefore, we have posted a Q&A page that addresses some questions that you may have upon reading this announcement.  From the Realignment Directory, please visit our Q&A page for specific questions and answers associated with the realignment of Supplier Management and Purchasing Services. 

We will continue to send announcements and guides as each improvement is implemented.   


Best Regards,


Maureen Beal, CPA

Associate Vice Chancellor for Financial Operations

University of Pittsburgh

3317 Cathedral of Learning

Pittsburgh, PA  15260

Phone:  412-624-6832

Fax:  412-624-9339



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