Phone Scams

Originally Posted in 2009

Purchasing has received reports from University departments indicating that suppliers using dubious business tactics are once again targeting the University.

Departments may receive calls about:

  • Renewal of orders that have never been placed by the department
  • Invoices for goods never shipped
  • Unbelievable discounts or special “deals”

In the most recent incidents, departments have been contacted by a company called Microtech Solutions to offer toner cartridges.

To protect your department:

  • Never give your Pcard number over the phone or in email unless you’ve initiated the call/email.
  • Do not give any information about your office equipment to unfamiliar suppliers.
  • If someone calls you about the "renewal of a previous order", ask them for the original purchase order number. If they produce a purchase order number, investigate the validity of the number.
  • Do not authorize any shipment of supplies from a caller soliciting business over the phone.

Contact Purchasing for assistance, if you

  • Receive an invoice in the mail for an order you did not place.
  • If you receive a shipment of supplies which were never ordered

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