For Suppliers

How do I get there, and how do I unload?

William Pitt Union

4200 Fifth Avenue

Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Driving, Unloading, and Parking Directions

When can I unload?

Booths will be set up the day prior to the show on April 6.  You may unload your items the day prior to the show from 4:00 pm - midnight.  Or you may unload your items the day of the show from 7:00 am - 9:30 am. 

Note:  Bigelow Blvd will close at 10:30 am on April 7, the day of the show.  Please set up by 9:30 am to avoid this road closure, as it is very difficult to unload once Bigelow has been closed.

Contact Julie Cursi (cell: 412-614-1851) for any questions regarding set up.

In which room is my booth located? 

Your booth will be in either the Assembly Room or the Ballroom.  Both rooms are on the main level of the William Pitt Union.

Room Designations:

Assembly Room:  Business Records Management, CDW-G, Fisher, GovConnection, Grainger, Hewlett-Packard, Matheson Valley, Office Depot, Penn Record Systems, Perkin Elmer, Rainin Instrument, RoData, Sodexo, Spectrum Chemical & Laboratory Products, Target Office Products, and Xerox Audio Visual Solutions.

Ballroom:  Adden Furniture, Corbett Inc./KI, University-CSSD, Duquesne Light, University-EHS, University-Facilities, Franklin Interiors/Steelcase, Scott Electric, University-Surplus Property, T-Mobile, University Times, Verizon Wireless, West Penn Power, and Workscape/Knoll/DIRTT. 

What is my booth number?

Note:  The table number will help you find your booth on the floor plan.  For on-site identification, a sign with your company name, in lieu of a booth number, will be placed on your booth.

Assembly Room Guide

Ballroom Guide 

Where am I on the floor plan?

Assembly Room Floor Plan

Ballroom Floor Plan

What is the size of my booth?


Each booth is 6' x 3'.


What should I bring?


What shouldn't I bring?

Do not bring giveaways unless your are with the University, Duquesne Light, or West Penn Power.

If you are a University of Pittsburgh contracted supplier, you are not allowed to bring items to give away at the show.  The University of Pittsburgh will supply all give away items and door prizes for you. Duquesne Light, and West Penn Power will also provide give away and educational items at the show.   

Give aways:

As mentioned above, if you are a University of Pittsburgh contracted supplier, you are not allowed to give items away at the show.

However, give aways will be abundant and will be provided by the University of Pittsburgh.  In addition, University of Pittsburgh departments represented at the show are allowed to provide give aways.  These booths include: Pitt-CSSD, Pitt-Facilities, Pitt-Surplus Property, Sodexo, and the University Times.  

Duquesne Light and West Penn Power representatives are allowed to provide give aways because they are not University of Pittsburgh contracted suppliers.  Duquesne Light and West Penn Power are representing an educational component of the show.