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Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hall
Ballroom, Third Floor

4141 Fifth Avenue

Pittsburgh, PA 15213

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Directions to Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hall

Click here for driving directions to Soldiers & Sailors.


Time: Set up the morning of the show as early as 7:00 am.

Click here to see where you are on the floor plan.

If you would like to set up on Wednesday April 6, please contact me by email ( or my cell (412-614-1851).

Instructions: Please unload before you park in the Soldiers & Sailors garage. To unload, loop around to the to the west side of Soldiers & Sailors, on University Place, then pull your vehicle up to the entrance ramp (your vehicle should be facing (O'Hara Street) as you line up to the ramp. You may need to wait in queue (the wait will be up to 20 minutes depending on how many suppliers are in front of you) until it is your turn to unload at the entrance - where the ramp is.

Once inside, turn RIGHT. Then turn LEFT at the end of the hall. The elevator to the 3rd Floor Ballroom will be on your LEFT.

Note: You may not park your vehicle in the small University Place parking lot. Once you unload, pick up your parking permit at your booth (if you are an off-site registrant) and park in the Soldiers & Sailors underground parking garage.

Loading & Unloading - Elevator Limitations

The Soldiers and Sailors elevator is tight.  Please make sure none of the pieces of your
display exceed the elevator dimensions as shown below:

Elevator Car: 55in X 55in X 7ft high
Elevator Door width: 33in


Parking & Vouchers

All registered (off-site) suppliers will receive a Soldiers & Sailors (SO) parking voucher in your packet the day of the show. Even if the SO's signage indicates that it is "full - permit only", you have a permit, therefore, you will have a place to park.

If you plan to unload before you park: If you unload before you park, pick up your parking permit at your booth/table, then display the permit on your dashboard and park in the Soldiers & Sailors Parking Garage (SO) under Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hall. Your parking permit will ensure that you have a reserved space in SO, and you will qaulaify for "Permits Only" parking.

If you are not unloading and just need to park:

If you did not register for the show, try to park in SO as a paying customer. If SO is full, other parking options are available.

See Also - Visitor Parking at Pitt Brochure & Map


Hotel Accommodations

The Wyndham (formerly Holiday Inn) is closest to the venue on 100 Lytton Avenue; and
Hilton Garden Inn is on 3454 Forbes ave.

Tables, Your Table Number, and the Floor Plan

Click here to see your table number.

Click here to see the floor plan.

Table size: Tables are 8' x 3'.

Note: The terms "table" and "booth" are used interchangably.

What to bring

What not to bring

Please do not bring giveaways or food. The University will provide giveaways, prizes, and catering.

Door prizes and giveaways

Giveaways and prizes will be provided by the University of Pittsburgh.