Science2012 Supplier Show

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For Suppliers


How do I Register to Attend the Show?

Register here by September 15, 2012.

What is the booth Fee?

The booth fee is $500 per booth. Make the check payable to the University of Pittsburgh and send the check to Julie Cursi | 116 Atwood Street | Pittsburgh PA 15260

How do I get there, and how do I unload?

Parking is available behind the Petersen Events Center in the OC Lot on Allequippa Street.  Suppliers will have access to the loading dock located on Sutherland Drive for drop off and pickup of materials.


NEW INFORMATION ABOUT PARKING: The OC lot will probably not be available to you tomorrow. For some reason, it has been full by 6:30 a.m. every day for the last couple of weeks, and I am not authorized to reserve space for you in the OC parking lot. Please park in the UPMC Hospital garage or Robinson Street Extension (see location here) at a meter. Note – if you park at a meter, please be aware that have a new system in Oakland that requires you to type in your license plate number into the meter. The upside is that these new meters take credit cards. Meters on Robinson Street Extension allow you to stay for 10 hours.

When can I unload?

Installation time:  7:30am-10:00am the day of the show.

Dismantle time:  2:30pm-4:00pm the day of the show

Contact Julie Cursi (cell: 412-614-1851) for any questions regarding set up.

Where is my booth located? 

See Supplier Exhibits for your booth number and the floor plan.


What is the size of my booth?


8' x 2.5'


What should I bring?


What shouldn't I bring?

Do not bring giveaways. 

In accordance with the University of Pittsburgh Industry Relationship Policy, suppliers are not allowed to give away items at the show.  The University of Pittsburgh will provide all give away items and door prizes. 

Give aways:

As mentioned above, suppliers are not allowed to give items away at the show.

However, give aways will be abundant and will be provided by the University of Pittsburgh.