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University level policies, procedures, exhibits, attachments, and guidelines as well as Staff and Faculty Handbooks can be found through the left hand navigation menu.


Please note:

Policy 05-07-01, Travel and Business Expense and Honoraria, has been updated effective  May 1, 2016 to increase the per-person business meal limit from $60 to $70.

Policy 05-12-01, Internal Control Framework, has been added to the list of policies and procedures effective January 2016.

Policy 06-05-01, Sexual Misconduct, and Procedure 06-05-01, Sexual Misconduct, have been added to the list of policies and procedure effective June 30, 2016.  Policy 07-06-04, Sexual Harassment, has been removed.

Policy 07-01-03, Nondiscrimination, Equal Opportunity, and Affirmative Action, has been updated effective January 26, 2016.