SECTION:                  University Policy

SUBJECT:                 Establishing University Procedures

EFFECTIVE DATE:   November 11, 1988

PAGE(S):                   3


      To outline the steps for the preparation, review, approval, and distribution of new University

      procedures, or revisions to existing procedures.


      This procedure applies to all University guidelines and instructions for accomplishing an

      administrative task, associated with an established University policy.

      This procedure does not include user manuals, bulletins, or departmental procedures for

      accomplishing work within an individual department or school, or the detailed instructions

      associated with University administrative data processing systems.


      Level of Initiation: Revisions to existing procedures, or initiation of new procedures may be

      generated at any level within the University.

      Administrative Officers having jurisdiction and expertise in the area covered are responsible

      for the initial review of the proposal.

      The Appropriate Senior Officers or Vice Presidents review and approve all University

      procedures in their respective areas of responsibility.

      The Vice President for Administration approves the priorities assigned to all requests for

      new or revised University procedures.

      The Director of Management Information and Policy Analysis manages the process of

      establishing or revising procedures, determines the appropriate format, exercises editorial

      control, coordinates, and distributes all approved University procedures.


      Procedure:  A generally accepted guideline or set of instructions for accomplishing an

      administrative task, together with the appropriate documentation.

      The following terms define the sections which may be included in procedures:

      TERM                                   DEFINITION                                                        REQUIREMENT

      Purpose                                A short statement of the reasons                       Required

                                                    for the procedure.

      Scope                                   A short description of the subject                       Required

                                                   matter covered by the procedure.

      Administrative                       Definitions of responsibility and                          Optional

      Responsibilities                    authority.

      Definitions                             Terms unique to the subject of the                    Optional


      General                                 Related matters of importance not                    Optional

                                                    included in the other topics.


      Procedure                             The processing steps to follow which                Required

                                                    will accomplish a particular task.

      Exhibits                                 Form title(s) and number(s) of the                     Optional

                                                    forms exhibited or referenced in the


      References                           References to related policies and                    Required



      Initiator                                       1.    Determine the need for a new procedure or a revision

                                                                to an existing procedure.

                                                         2.    Forward a proposal to the Director, Management

                                                                Information and Policy Analysis for review.

      Director, Management

      Information and Policy

      Analysis                                     3.    Analyze the effects of changing existing procedure on

                                                                the coordination of workflow through several departments.

                                                         4.    Review for consistency with other University procedures.

                                                         5.    Make necessary revisions.

                                                         6.    Draft the procedure in the established format of the

                                                                Procedure Manual.

                                                         7.    Review the draft with the initiator.

                                                         8.    Submit the final draft to the initiator's dean, director,

                                                                campus president, or vice president for review.

      Dean, Director, Campus

      President, Vice President          9.    Approve the procedure for presentation to the      

                                                                appropriate senior officer or vice president.

      Director, Management

      Information and Policy

      Analysis                                     10.   Forward the final draft, together with FORM 0001 PITT

                                                                1173, Policy/Procedure Approval (Exhibit A) to the

                                                                appropriate senior officer or vice president.

      Senior Officer, Vice

      President                                   11.  Review the draft and indicate approval by signing

                                                                FORM 0001 PITT 1173.

                                                         12.  Return the approved procedure to the Director,

                                                                Management Information and Policy Analysis, together

                                                                with the signed approval form.

Director, Management

Information and Policy

Analysis                                           13.  Publish the procedure for insertion in the Procedure

                                                                Manual, and distribute it in accordance with the

                                                                established distribution list.

                                                         14.  Retain and file the signed FORM 0001 PITT 1173.


      Exhibit A - FORM 0001 PITT 1173, Policy/Procedure Approval

      FORM 0001 PITT 1173 Form Instruction Guide



      Policy 01-01-02, Establishing University Procedures

      Policy 01-01-05, Distribution of University Procedures