SECTION:                  University Policy

SUBJECT:                 Establishing University Forms

EFFECTIVE DATE:   September 22, 1988

PAGE(S):                   3


      To provide instructions for establishing new, or revising existing University forms.


      This procedure is applicable only to forms that are associated with a University procedure,

      and are numbered "FORM XXXX."

      It does not include those departmental (PITT Number Only) forms unrelated to University



      Directors and Department Chairmen are responsible for:

      -     Identifying the need for a new or revised form

      -     Providing the rationale for the request

      -     Submitting the suggested design to the appropriate vice president, dean, or campus

            president for review

      Vice Presidents, Campus Presidents, and Deans are responsible for:

      -     Reviewing proposals for new or revised forms

      -     Recommending approval or rejection of the proposal

      The Data Administrator is responsible for:

      -     Reviewing the form for consistency with University data

      -     Approving, rejecting, or modifying the form

      -     Assigning a FORM number to all forms associated with a University procedure

      The Manager, Forms Control is responsible for:

      -     Forms design in cooperation with the user (and with Computing and Information

            Systems (CIS), for computer related University forms)

      -     Purchasing

      -     Inventory control


      Initiator                                     1.    Develop a rough sketch of the proposed new form(s) or

                                                              mark a copy of an existing form with the recommended

                                                              changes.  Forward to the Data Administrator for review.

      Data Administrator                  2.    Review the sketch with the initiator, for consistency with

                                                             University data elements, and make any necessary


                                                      3.    Obtain and assign a FORM number and submit the

                                                             draft to the Manager, Forms Control, for preparation of

                                                             the form.

      Manager, Forms Control        4.     Review the draft for consistency with University form

                                                             standards, and initiate internal procedures for development

                                                             of the proof.

                                                      5.    Forward the form approval proof to the Data

                                                             Administrator for final review and approval.

      Data Administrator                  6.    Indicate approval by signing FORM 0002 PITT 1214,

                                                             Form Approval.  Attach a copy and return with proof to

                                                             the Manager, Forms Control.

                                                      7.    Forward a copy of the proof together with the original

                                                             FORM 0002 PITT 1214 to the Director, Management

                                                             Information and Policy Analysis for development of

                                                             procedure and form instruction guide.

      Manager, Forms Control        8.    Upon receipt of signed FORM 0002 PITT 1214, Form

                                                             Approval, initiate internal procedures for production of the

                                                             final form.

                                                      9.    Notify Director, Management Information and Policy

                                                             Analysis when new/revised form is received by the


      Director, Management

      Information and Policy

      Analysis                                  10.  Upon notification that new/revised form is available in the

                                                             stockroom, distribute the associated procedure, for

                                                             insertion in the Procedure Manual, in accordance with the

                                                             established distribution lists.

                                                      11.  Retain and file the signed FORM 0002 PITT 1214.


      Exhibit A - FORM 0002 PITT 1214, Form Approval

      FORM 0002 PITT 1214 Form Instruction Guide


      Policy 01-01-03, Establishing University Forms