NUMBER:             FORM 0168
PROCEDURE:          10-01-01


    1.    FAIS Account Number to be charged (N-NNNNN-NNN)

    2.    Date labels are needed

    3.    Name of Requester

    4.    Requester's Campus Phone Number

    5.    Requester's Department

    6.    Five-digit Department Code

    7.    Requester's Campus Address (Room Number and Building)

    8.    Signature of requester and date

    9.    Signature of FAIS Account Administrator and date

   10.    Signature of Data Administrator and date


     Check all that apply unless instructed to select only one.

   11.    Type of Label:

          Cheshire                      Able-Stick
          Mailing Services Machine Applied         Adhesive  Backed   -
                                        Manually Applied
          Used primarily for large quantities          Recommended  for
                                        departmental use
          Not recommended for bulky items          For Mailing Services
                                        use,   limited  to   quantities
                                        under 1,000

   12.    Indicate  format  of first line of label, e.g.,  Name:  Last,
          First, MI/First, MI, Last; To the parents of; etc.

   13.    Number of complete label sets needed

   14.    If    requesting   accompanying   name   and   address   list
          (verification  list),  indicate  whether  listing  should  be
          sorted by name, social security number, or PR number

   15.    Number of copies of verification list needed

   16.    Address Type:

          Mailing Address                    Permanent Address
          Address normally used for University         Home address  of
                                        the student, or where the
          mailings.  May be a local or dorm     address.      student's
                                        parent(s) or spouse resides.

          In  many cases, the mailing address and permanent address are
          the  same.   In  the event that the mailing address  expires,
          mail will automatically be sent to the permanent address.

   17.    Requests  that  labels be returned directly to the  requester
          must  have  the  authorization  of  the  Data  Administrator,
          otherwise  the labels will be forwarded to Mailing  Services.
          Provide  an  explanation  for returning  the  labels  to  the
          requester in the comments section below.


Check all that apply unless instructed to select only one.


                       Applicant Selections

Applicant  -   Any person who completes and submits an application  for
admission to the University.

   19.    Type of applicant:

          Rejected  - Applied for the term indicated, but not  accepted
          by the University for admission
          All Admits - All accepted by the University for admission  in
          the term indicated
          Admit  Paid  -  Accepted for admission by the University  and
          paid a deposit

   20.    Term or Session for which the applicants have applied

   21.    Undergraduate Student Applicant Type:

          First-time  Freshmen - First-time students  entering  with  0
          credits or College in High School credits

          First-year Freshmen - First-year students transferring with 1
          to 30 college credits

          Transfer  -  new student entering with college credits  other
          than College in High School credits

                           General Data

   22.    Campus(es)

   23.    For Pittsburgh Campus Only:

          The two-digit code of the desired Academic Center(s) (See DED
          Table 18160.)
          When  selecting all students, undergraduate and/or  graduate,
          leave blank.

   24.    Academic Program Type:

          Primary  - the academic program for registration and  primary
          tuition  assessment, and for tracking  certificates, degrees,
          and non-degree objectives.  Major field of study.

          Secondary  -  an optional academic program used for  tracking
          certificates,  degrees,  and non-degree  program  objectives.
          Secondary field of study.

   25.    Degree Seeking - Student seeking an undergraduate or graduate
          degree or certificate

          Non-Degree Seeking - Career Development course work only

   26.    Academic Programs:

          Individual  Academic Programs - enter up  to  five  six-digit
          Academic Program Codes

   Registration Data - Active or Continuing Student Selections

Active or continuing students are all students eligible to register  in
a given term.

   27.    Student Level:

          Undergraduate - post secondary student without a  degree,  or
          post baccalaureate student not seeking a graduate degree

          Graduate  -  Post-baccalaureate  student  registered   as   a
          graduate  student  seeking or not seeking a graduate  degree.
          Includes First Professional Programs in the Schools  of  Law,
          Medicine, and Dental Medicine.

   28.    Term  of  admittance  -  To select first  time  undergraduate
          and/or  graduate students within the term specified.   Format
          YY1, YY2, YY3

   29.    Enrollment status:  Select Only One

          Eligible  for Registration and Not Enrolled - all new  admits
          and  continuing students who are registration ready  for  the
          desired  term,  but not yet registered.   This  data  is  not
          available  until  the  first day  of  the  term  registration

          Eligible for Registration or Enrolled - all students eligible
          to register and all students enrolled for the desired term

          Enrolled - Only those students registered for desired term

   30.    Desired Term(s) of Registration.  Indicating two or more will
          select  all students with the desired registration status  in
          Term 1 and/or Term 2 and/or Term 3.  Format: NNN

   31.    Term Registration Status: Full-Time/Part-Time

          Undergraduate students registered for 12 or more  credits  or
          the equivalent

          Graduate  students registered for 9 or more  credits  or  the
          equivalent, or a Full-Time Dissertation Study course

          Part-Time - credit loads less than the minimums for full-time
          status: 3/4 time, 1/2 time, Less than 1/2 time

   32.    If graduated students are to be excluded, check YES.  If left
          blank,  default  will be No, and graduated students  will  be
          included in the selection.  Applies to prior term requests.

   33.    Quality  Point Average: Format N.NN - N.NN.  Enter a low  and
          high value to indicate the desired range.

          Select only one:

          Cumulative  Degree  QPA  -  the  QPA  associated   with   all
          University  of  Pittsburgh courses relevant to the  student's
          degree goal(s)

          Term  Degree QPA - The QPA associated with all University  of
          Pittsburgh  courses relevant to the student's degree  goal(s)
          earned in the term specified

   34.    Student Level, For Degree Seeking Students Only:

          To  select students based on the number of credits, including
          earned  and  advanced standing credits, typically  applicable
          toward the degree goal.

                         Demographic Data

For  all  students, Race, Citizenship, Sex, and Birth date may be  left
blank.  Default condition is all.
Use these boxes to make individual selections only.

   35.    Race (DED Table 11020)

          Black  - having origins in any of the Black racial groups  of

          Asian/Pacific  Islander  -  having  origins  in  any  of  the
          original peoples of the Far East, Southeast Asia, the  Indian
          Subcontinent,  or the Pacific Islands.  This  area  Includes,
          for example, China, Japan, Korea, the Philippine Islands, and

          American Indian/Alaskan Native - having origins in any of the
          original  peoples of North America, and who maintain cultural
          identification  through  tribal  affiliation   or   community

          Hispanic  -  having  origins in Mexico,  Puerto  Rico,  Cuba,
          Central  or South America or other Spanish Culture or origin,
          regardless of race

          White  -  having  origins in any of the original  peoples  of
          Europe, North Africa, or the Middle East

   36.    Citizenship  (DED Table 1019)

          U.S. Citizen - A person owing allegiance to the United States
          of America

          U.S.  Immigrant/Permanent Resident - One who intends to  make
          the  United  States his permanent residence  and  who  is  in
          possession  of  a permanent immigration visa  issued  by  the
          Department of Justice

          Non-Immigrant  (Student,  Visitor)  -  all  aliens  who  have
          residence  in a foreign country which they have no  intention
          of  abandoning and whose stay in the United States is limited
          to  a  defined period of time and a definite purpose that  by
          its nature may be promptly accomplished

          Refugee  -  All  aliens who have fled or been  rejected  from
          their  country of nationality for reasons of race,  religion,
          political opinion or war.

   37.    Sex:

   38.    To  select  students of a specific age or within a  specified
          range, enter appropriate birth date(s):

          Up to and including the date specified
          After and including the date specified
          Between and including the range of dates specified.

                      Graduation Selections

   39.    For  students Graduated or Applied for graduation within  the
          last calendar year, check one or both.

          Enter  the  two-digit  year with the month  to  indicate  the
          graduation date(s) desired.  Format: YY
          To  select  specific degree(s), graduates with honors,  etc.,
          attach a separate sheet describing the special criteria

                      SPECIAL LABEL REQUESTS

   40.    For  special  selection criteria not listed above,  attach  a
          separate sheet describing the unique specifications.