SECTION:                   University Governance
SUBJECT:                  Board of Trustees: Executive Committee
EFFECTIVE DATE:    July 23, 2001 Revised
PAGE(S):                    1


      This policy affirms the membership and authority of the Executive Committee of the Board

      of Trustees.  The following is excerpted from the University of Pittsburgh BYLAWS.  (See

      Appendix A.)


      The Executive Committee shall consist of:

      -     The Chairperson

      -     The Chairperson Designate (unless such office is vacant)

      -     The Chancellor and Chief Executive Officer

      -     The Chairpersons of the Academic Affairs/Libraries, Budget, Institutional Advancement,

            and Health and Sciences Committees

      -     Six other members elected by the Board, at least two of whom shall be committee


      The elected members shall hold office for a term of one year and shall be eligible for

      election for four full consecutive terms.

      -     Vacancies ad interim among the elected members of the Executive Committee may be

            filled at any meeting of the Board, and members so elected shall hold office for the

            remainder of the unexpired term.

      The Executive Committee shall have and may exercise, at all times when the Board is not

      in Session, all the power and authority of the Board and other committees of the Board

      with respect to the affairs of the University (including without limiting the generality of the

      foregoing, the power to approve and authorize borrowing money, and subject to statutory

      voting requirements, purchasing, selling, mortgaging, leasing away and otherwise

      disposing of any real estate or personal property) except that the Executive Committee

      shall not have the authority to fill vacancies on the Board or the Executive Committee,

      elect or remove officers, amend the bylaws or any resolution of the Board, or take any

      action on matters committed by the bylaws or resolution of the Board solely to another

      committee of the Board.


      University of Pittsburgh of the Commonwealth System of Higher Education - BYLAWS,

      Chapter I, Article V, "Committees."  Adopted by the Board of Trustees, January 14, 1969,

      and as amended thereafter.