SECTION:                  University Governance

SUBJECT:                 School and Regional Campus Governance

EFFECTIVE DATE:   November 2, 1987

PAGE(S):                   2


      This policy establishes the organization and administration of the schools and regional

      campuses within the University.


      The University is organized by schools/campuses and faculties, each administered by a

      dean/campus president.

      The basic organizational unit of the school/campus is the department/division, headed by

      a chairman.  Within their department/division, chairmen are responsible for:

      -     Preparing the budget

      -     Conducting the initial processing of faculty grievances

      -     Assuring faculty compliance with University policies

      -     Hiring, supervising, and terminating clerical and administrative staff

      Chairmen may consult with other faculty in their department/division, and when possible,

      develop a faculty consensus when carrying out their responsibilities in:

      -     Allocating space, including faculty offices

      -     Setting guidelines for establishment of teaching loads

      -     Establishing class sizes

      -     Assigning and scheduling of courses

      -     Assigning overload and summer teaching

      -     Hiring, supervising, and terminating part-time non-tenure stream faculty

      -     Setting priorities for non-personnel expenditures

      Chairmen preside over faculty deliberations leading to the development of a faculty

      position on matters of academic programs, curriculum, requirements for majors, course

      content, graduate and professional admissions, and departmental/divisional planning and


      -     The chairmen present faculty recommendations to the dean/campus president.

      Department/division chairmen regularly evaluate faculty and make recommendations to the

      dean/campus president on faculty salary increments.

      -     Within guidelines and subject to prior budgetary constraints determined by the senior

            administration and the dean/campus president.

      Chairmen also make recommendations, within University guidelines and policies, on

      requests by individual faculty members for sabbatical leaves and leaves of absence.