SECTION:                  Faculty Appointment and Tenure

SUBJECT:                 Graduate Faculty Qualifications

EFFECTIVE DATE:   July 5, 1988

PAGE(S):                   2


      This policy establishes the qualifications for:

      -     Membership in the Graduate Faculty

      -     Teaching graduate courses

      -     Serving on doctoral dissertation committees


      Regular membership in the Graduate Faculty may be recommended for:

      -     Full-time or tenure-stream part-time members of the University faculty

      -     Academic staff with faculty status, who are approved to direct graduate study and

            research at all levels

      Adjunct membership may be recommended for persons:

      -     Whose primary responsibilities are outside the University, but who hold a part-time

            faculty appointment

      -     Approved to direct graduate study and research at all levels

      The primary qualification for membership in the Graduate Faculty is the competence to

      direct graduate study and research at all levels.  Therefore, each nomination for

      membership should include documentation of the candidate's experience in:

      -     Research

      -     Teaching of graduate level courses

      -     Supervision of graduate research

      -     Scholarly publications

      -     Professional employment

      The completion of a doctoral dissertation is not in itself sufficient evidence of qualification,

      nor does the lack of a doctorate automatically exclude a faculty member.

      Appropriately qualified faculty members who are not members of the Graduate Faculty

      may be assigned by their chairman, with the approval of the Graduate Faculty of the

      department, to:

      -     Teach graduate courses

      -     Direct master's level research

      -     Serve on doctoral dissertation committees, provided that a majority of the committee

            are Graduate Faculty members.

      Candidates for advance degrees, especially those seeking a degree from the University

      of Pittsburgh:

      -     Do not qualify for membership on doctoral dissertation committees

      -     Should not serve on Masters committees except in exceptional circumstances

      -     Should not be assigned the responsibility for teaching graduate courses, except in

            a few professional areas, under supervision of a member of the Graduate Faculty