SECTION:                  Faculty Appointment and Tenure

SUBJECT:                 Faculty Librarian Status

EFFECTIVE DATE:   July 5, 1988

PAGE(S):                   1


      This policy establishes the status of Faculty Librarians.


      The University Library System is considered an academic unit. In addition to the directors

      and assistant directors, there are five ranks of faculty librarians (Librarians I - V) with

      faculty status.

      Appointment and Promotion

      -     Librarians are generally appointed for a one-year period.

            -     At the end of the initial one-year appointment, a decision is made either to

                  re-appoint for a two-year period or to terminate the appointment three months

                  from the date of a written notice of non-renewal.

            -     At the end of a two-year appointment of a Librarian I, a librarian is either given

                  expectation of continuing employment, along with promotion to rank of Librarian II,

                  or is given six-months written notice of termination.

      -     Librarians may be considered for promotion to higher rank.

      -     A faculty librarian has the right to appeal a decision regarding non-renewal or non-

            promotion.  The appeals process is the same as that for all faculty.  See Policy

            02-02-10, Faculty Reviews and Appeals.

      All faculty librarians are voting members of the University Senate and elect representatives

      to serve as voting members of the Senate Council and Faculty Assembly.

      Faculty librarians have the same fringe benefits as faculty members.

      Sabbatical Leaves may be granted for professional development to librarians who have

      contracts signifying expectation of continuing employment, who have served an additional

      period of time, and who have definite projects planned which will increase their

      professional qualifications.

      -     The terms of the leave are the same as for tenured faculty.  See Policy 02-05-01,

            Sabbatical Leave.


      Policy 02-02-10, Faculty Reviews and Appeals

      Policy 02-05-01, Sabbatical Leave