SECTION:                  Faculty Responsibilities

SUBJECT:                 Academic Responsibilities and Professional Conduct

EFFECTIVE DATE:   February 10, 1989

PAGE(S):                   2


      This policy establishes academic responsibilities of faculty members regarding absences

      from class or other appointments, grade issuing and reporting, and participation in

      commencement; and professional responsibilities regarding the use of University affiliation

      or titles, and resignation from the University.


                                              ACADEMIC RESPONSIBILITIES

      Unavoidable Absences

      A faculty member reports to his dean, campus president, or department chairman, any

      unexpected development that will prevent his meeting a class or other such appointment.

      Preferably, the faculty member will recommend a temporary substitute.  When no other

      arrangements can be made, a message is delivered to the class no later than the time

      the class is scheduled to begin.


      Faculty are expected to know and adhere to the University Grading System, and the

      options and limitations set forth by the individual school in which a course is offered.  See

      Policy 09-01-01, University Grading System.

      Faculty are to perform their grading duties in a timely manner.  Grade roster due dates

      are set forth in the Academic Calendar of the University.

      Faculty are expected to match the grades submitted against the instructor's Verification

      Report, and report any discrepancies to the Registrar.


      It is the responsibility of faculty members to participate in the University-wide

      commencement held at the end of the winter term, participate in the processional in

      academic regalia and provide their own academic robe and appropriate hood

                                                    PROFESSIONAL CONDUCT


      A faculty member who has been approached with regard to another position is to inform

      the department chairman or dean, or campus president when such negotiations are in


      A faculty member who concludes an agreement to accept an appointment elsewhere

      should immediately notify the department chairman or dean, or campus president in writing.

      If accepting other employment as of the end of a academic year, notice of resignation

      should be received no later than May 15 of that year.

      A faculty member is not to vacate a position during an academic year for which he holds

      an appointment, except by agreement with the department chairman, dean, or campus


      Use of University Affiliation or Titles

      University titles, affiliation, and stationery should be used in a fashion to ensure that

      personal judgment or opinion is not taken as University policy.

      When presenting papers or analyses in their academic field, or articles of opinion that

      may or may not be related to their professional duties at the University, faculty members

      must avoid confusion on the part of the audience between their own personal views, and

      statements of University policy.

      No one should purport to speak for the University unless the stand to be taken fairly

      represents official University policy, except on administrative matters that are properly

      within the purview of a particular administrative officer, and by that officer.