SECTION:                   Faculty Development
SUBJECT:                  Sabbatical Leave
EFFECTIVE DATE:    January 30, 2004 Revised
PAGE(S):                     2


      This policy establishes the conditions and qualifications for sabbatical leaves.


      Sabbatical leaves are granted to faculty members for the purpose of conducting

      scholarly or other appropriate endeavors which will advance their own professional

      standing, and, upon their return to the University will enrich their teaching and research.

      Eligibility for sabbatical leave is limited to tenured associate professors or professors with

      at least 12 terms of full-time service.

      -     Part-time service, such as third-term teaching which is not part of the basic

            contractual responsibility, is not counted in determining eligibility.

      -     Leaves of absence do not count as credit toward sabbatical eligibility.

      -     Periods of time that a tenured faculty member might work on a reduced effort basis

            will be prorated.

      Sabbatical leaves are available for Librarians with expectations of continued employment,

      under the same terms as for tenured faculty.

      Sabbatical leaves may be approved for either:

      -     A full appointment year at one half salary

      -     A one half appointment at full salary

      Individuals who are granted sabbatical leaves are not to accept teaching assignments

      at other institutions.

      -     Exceptions are made in the case of foreign universities.

      In accepting the award of a sabbatical leave, the faculty member agrees to:

      -     Submit a brief report to his or her dean or campus president within one term of return

            from leave, summarizing the sabbatical activities and indicating the extent to which the
            purposes of the leave described in the proposal were achieved

      -     Return to the University for at least one full appointment year

      The granting of a sabbatical leave depends on the school or departmentsí ability to

      maintain necessary teaching schedules.

      Sabbatical leaves are approved by the Provost.

      -     The applicant must have the endorsements of the appropriate department chair,

            dean or campus president, and in the area of the Health Sciences, the Senior Vice

            Chancellor for Health Sciences.


      Procedure 02-05-01, Sabbatical Leave