SECTION:                  Faculty Payroll/Personnel

SUBJECT:                 Third Term/Session Appointments: Salary Administration

EFFECTIVE DATE:   January 18, 2014 Revised

PAGE(S):                   1


      This policy establishes salary regulations for Third Term and Session appointments that

      are outside of an individual's two-term appointment.  Salary for Third Term and Session

      appointments may be for additional teaching in that Term and Session, or for work on

      sponsored agreements, or for both.



      OMB Circular A-21, Section J(10)(d)(2)(a), states "charges for work performed by faculty

      members on sponsored agreements during the summer months or other period not

      included in the base salary period will be determined for each faculty member at a rate

      not in excess of the base salary divided by the period to which the base salary relates,

      and will be limited to charges made in accordance with other parts of this section.  The

      base salary period used in computing charges for work performed during the summer

      months will be the number of months covered by the faculty member’s official academic

      year appointment."

      -     Salaries are paid on a per credit basis for teaching duties undertaken in the Third Term.

      -     In no case is the faculty member to be paid more than 50 percent of his two-term

            salary, regardless of the extent of his duties in the additional term.

            -     Individuals employed for only one session are to be paid no more than 25 percent

                  of the two-term salary.

      -     Full-time faculty members on a two-term appointment who are involved in externally

            funded duties in the Third Term, work three or four months, depending on whether

            they have an eight or nine month appointment, and depending on the effort necessary

            for the work.

      -     All such summer appointments for externally funded work are subject to the availability

            of funds from the external source.

      -     For each full month of duties during the non-teaching term, the salary rate is 1/8 the

            two-term salary for faculty on eight month appointments, 1/9 the two-term salary for

            faculty on nine month appointments, and 1/10 the two-term salary for faculty on ten

            month appointments.

      -     Faculty who have received approval by no later than September in an academic year

            for a Third Term appointment which, when aggregated with their base appointment,

            totals a twelve month appointment in that academic year, shall accrue vacation time

            in that year in the same manner as other faculty with a twelve month appointment,

            and must use such vacation time within the period of that twelve month appointment.

      -     Partial months worked, or part-time worked is adjusted accordingly.

      -     Third Term and session appointments are paid according to the following schedule:

            -     Summer Session I - One paycheck in May

            -     Summer Session II - One paycheck in July

            -     Summer Term - Three paychecks (May, June, and July)

            -     Fall Term - Four paychecks (September, October, November, and December)

            -     Spring Term - Four paychecks (January, February, March, and April)


      Policy 02-02-12, Length of Appointments