SECTION:                  Faculty Leave Program

SUBJECT:                 Faculty Leave for Professional Enhancement

EFFECTIVE DATE:   March 29, 1994

PAGE(S):                   1


      This policy establishes leave without pay for all faculty, regardless of a faculty member's

      eligibility for a sabbatical, for the purpose of undertaking activities which are likely to

      enhance the faculty member's teaching and research.


      Leave Without Pay

      The University provides a leave of absence without pay of up to a maximum of one year

      for the purpose of professional enhancement.  Special consideration for such leaves will

      be given to junior faculty members who obtain nationally recognized fellowships or

      prestigious temporary appointments at places such as other institutions, government, or

      industry.  The leave may be renewed with the appropriate approval.

      Upon receipt of notification of the fellowship award or temporary appointment, a written

      request for a leave of absence without pay should be submitted to the appropriate

      department chairman.  The request for a leave of absence must be approved by the

      Provost, with the endorsement of the faculty member's department chairman and dean or

      campus president.

      A leave of absence without pay will not prejudice a faculty member's salary.  Depending

      upon the recommendation of the dean or campus president, when a tenure stream faculty

      member is granted a leave of absence, the term of the probationary appointment may be

      extended and the period of the leave will not be counted as part of the term of probationary

      period of service.

      Continuation of Benefits

      During the leave, the faculty member may elect to continue medical, life, and disability

      insurance by continuing payment of the premium for the benefit for the duration of the

      leave.  The University will continue to pay its share of the premiums for any benefit the

      faculty member decides to continue.

      Participation in the University Retirement Program is suspended for the duration of the

      leave.  To reactivate participation upon return from the leave, the faculty member must

      complete and submit the necessary forms to the Benefits Section of the Office of Human