SECTION:                  Food, Alcohol, Tobacco

SUBJECT:                 Smoking

EFFECTIVE DATE:   September 25, 2007 Revised

PAGE(S):                   1


      This policy establishes restrictions on smoking in and around all owned and leased

      University of Pittsburgh facilities, and assigns responsibility for implementation and



      Smoking is prohibited inside all University owned and leased facilities, including but not

      limited to: residence halls, off-campus housing, academic halls, health science facilities,

      athletic facilities, and food service operations; and in all University vehicles, campus

      busses, and vans; with explicit limited exceptions described below.

      Smoking is prohibited within 15 feet of the building primary entrances and HVAC intake

      vents of all University owned and leased property.  Primary entrances shall be defined

      as the common public access points to each building, and is not intended for doors

      designated as emergency exit only or as service entrances.  However, portions of loading

      docks that are under building cover shall be considered as inside the building, and

      smoking shall be prohibited.

      Requests for the establishment of "Designated Smoking Areas" must be submitted in

      writing to the Director of the Department of Environmental Health and Safety, in

      accordance with Procedure 04-05-03, Smoking.  If approved, any expenses associated

      with creating a "Designated Smoking Area," including posting of signs indicating where

      smoking exceptions are allowed, will be charged to the departmental budget of the

      requesting unit.

      All "Designated Smoking Area" and "No Smoking" signs must be obtained from the Office

      of Facilities Management to ensure compliance with the specifications required by the

      University and applicable City and County ordinances.

      University faculty, staff, and students are responsible for:

      -     Making a good faith effort to see that all faculty, staff, students, and their University

            guests do not smoke in areas where smoking is prohibited per this Policy, and taking

            appropriate personnel action, as necessary, to enforce this policy.

      -     Encouraging the attendance of smokers at University sponsored Smoking Cessation

            seminars and clinics.


      Procedure 04-05-03, Smoking