SECTION:                  Funds Management

SUBJECT:                 Disbursement Request

EFFECTIVE DATE:   September 22, 1989

PAGE(S):                   2


      This policy is applicable to the preparation and use of Disbursement Requests prepared

      by University offices.


      Responsibility center heads are responsible for monitoring the general use of

      Disbursement Requests for reasonability in the following approved uses:

      -     Guest lecturing fee for non-University employees

      -     Professional consulting fee for non-University employees

      -     Professional organization memberships.  (Memberships that involve the University as a

            whole, must be approved by the Secretary of the University.)

      -     Subscriptions and reprints

      -     Advance registration fees for conventions and conferences

      -     Faculty moving expenses

      -     Services provided by the University Food Service

      -     Restaurant and hotel expenses for formal business luncheons or dinner meetings.  A

            guest list must be provided

      -     Payments to subcontractors under sponsored programs

      Requests for products and/or services normally procured through central service offices,

      such as Purchasing, the Book Centers, Treasurer's Office, Housing and Food Services,

      University Center for Instructional Resources, Central Business Services, or Human

      Resources must be approved by those areas prior to processing the Disbursement

      Request.  Purchases of $100 or less do not require prior approval.

      Business and Financial uses of the Disbursement Request are primarily as follows:

      -     Debt service

      -     Rent payments

      -     Refund of unexpended sponsored program funds

      -     Special hospital charges - Athletic Department

      -     Payroll taxes and deductions

      -     General insurance (Risk Management Office only)

      -     Real estate taxes (Treasurer's Office only)

      -     Refundable deposits

      -     Payment accompanying a special purchase order

      Note:  Refundable deposits are the only approved use of the Disbursement Request for

      payment to an employee.


      The Disbursement Request must be approved by the FAIS Account Administrator or the

      head of the responsibility center.

      When the requestor is also the FAIS Account Administrator or the head of the responsibility

      center, the request must be signed by the next higher level administrator.


      Disbursement Requests must be prepared, reviewed and approved by the FAIS Account

      Administrator and received in Accounts Payable at least 10 working days before the check

      is required.

      All checks will be mailed from the Comptroller's Office directly to the payee.  Exceptions will

      be considered, provided the FAIS Account Administrator submits a memo to the

      Comptroller explaining the circumstances and justifying the exception.  If the exception is

      approved and the check is to be returned to the requesting department, a preaddressed

      campus envelope should be forwarded with the Disbursement Request.  If the check will

      be picked up by the originator, include an appropriate statement in the requesting memo.

      The Disbursement Request may not be used for prepayments of lodging, food, or

      hospitality expenses.  This type of expense should be processed by use of the University

      of Pittsburgh Corporate American Express Card or the Travel Advance Request.  Refer to

      Policy and Procedure 05-07-01, Travel and Business Expense for details.

      When a check is picked up in Accounts Payable the individual must present a current

      validated University Student or Employee Identification Card.  If the person picking up the

      check is not the payee, an authorization memorandum from the payee or the requesting

      department must be prepared.  The authorization memorandum should include the name

      of the payee, the amount of the check, the name of the person picking up the check, and

      the signature of either the payee or the head of the responsibility center for the requesting

      department.  No checks will be released to non-University payees.


      Policy 05-07-01, Travel and Business Expense

      Procedure 05-06-03, Disbursement Requests

      Procedure 05-07-01, Travel and Business Expense