SECTION:                  Registration and Records
SUBJECT:                 Registration Status
EFFECTIVE DATE:   September 1, 2009 Revised
PAGE(S):                   2


      This policy establishes the criteria used to determine registration status, including

      full-time/part-time and active/inactive status.


      A student is considered enrolled only when officially registered with the University

      Registrar or designee, in accordance with Policy 09-04-10, Registration and Add/Drop.

      Full-time/Part-time Status

      Full-time status for the Fall, Spring, and Summer terms is defined as follows:

      -     Undergraduate students registered for twelve or more credits, or the equivalent

      -     Graduate and first professional students registered for nine or more credits or the

            equivalent, or a Full-Time Dissertation Study course

      Students registered for equivalent credit loads below the minimums for full-time status

      are considered part-time.

      Eligibility for a fellowship, scholarship, or loan may be contingent upon full-time

      registration status.  Only the registrar is authorized to certify a student's registration


      Active/Inactive Status

      A student is active when admitted and enrolled in the term of admission.

      A student is considered inactive, and must request readmission to the University prior

      to registration under the following circumstances:

      -      A new/readmitted student did not enroll in the term of admission/readmission

      -     The student has not enrolled for three consecutive terms

      -     The student graduated

      Readmission or reinstatement is not automatic.  The student must meet all current

      admission and degree requirements.

      Maintaining Active Status

      A student must be registered for a Full-Time Dissertation Study course or at least one

      credit in a twelve month period in order to maintain active status.

      If active status is not maintained, the student is not permitted to use University facilities

      or receive counseling or active supervision by a faculty member, advisor, or committee.

      All graduate students must be registered for the term in which they are graduated.  In

      extenuating circumstances, exceptions may be obtained by submitting a written request

      to the Registrar, approved by the appropriate dean or campus president.

      Only the Registrar is authorized to certify a student's enrollment and graduation.


      Policy 09-04-10, Registration and Add/Drop