SECTION:                   Registration and Records

SUBJECT:                  Student Service Indicators

EFFECTIVE DATE:    December 1, 2017 Revised

PAGE(S):                     2


      This policy establishes the rights of the University to provide or withhold services for

      financial, academic, disciplinary, or other reasons.



      The University of Pittsburgh has the right to withhold services if a student defaults on

      any financial obligation, until repayment arrangements have been made which are

      satisfactory to the office or department to which the debt is owed.  The University of

      Pittsburgh also has the right to cancel future registrations when a student defaults on

      any financial obligation.

      The University also has the right to withhold student services as a result of disciplinary

      action, less than minimum academic progress, failure to provide data required either

      by the University or by state or federal regulations.

      Outlined below are the current service indicator codes, a brief description of the

      indicator type and its designation as a positive or negative indicator.

                                                        Service Indicators


            Indicator Code                       Description                                Positive

                      A01                    High School Transcript Hold                          N

                      ADV                   Academic Advisement Required                   N

                      ANN                   Annual Payment Plan                                     Y

                      C01                   Disciplinary Hold                                             N

                      C02                   Regionals – Financial Hold                             N

                      C03                   Immunization Hold                                          N

                      C04                   Judicial Hold                                                    N

                      C05                   Housing Hold                                                   N

                      C06                   Health Insurance Hold                                     N

                      DEC                  Decedent Hold                                                N

                      F01                   Exit Interview Hold                                           N

                      F02                   Heal Default Hold                                             N

                      F03                   FA Do Not Process Hold                                 N

                      F05                   Overaward Review                                          N

                      FAL                   Fall Term Payment Plan                                 Y

                      FCC                  Financial Aid Citizenship Confirmation          N

                      I01                     INS Missing Data Hold                                    N

                      I02                     English Language Proficiency Hold                N

                      LAW                  Law School Hold                                             N

                      R01                   Academic Hold                                                N

                      R02                   Transcript Hold                                                N

                      RES                  Residency Hold                                               N

                      RGR                  Release Grades to Parent                              Y

                      RL1                   Residence Life                                                N

                      S01                   Financial Hold                                                  N

                      S02                   Financial Hold                                                  N

                      S03                   Financial Hold                                                  N

                      S04                   Financial Hold                                                  N

                      S05                   Financial Hold                                                  N

                      S06                   Financial Hold                                                  N

                      S07                   Financial Hold                                                  N

                      S08                   Financial Hold                                                  N

                      S09                   Withdrawal Review                                         N

                      S10                   Refund Review                                                N

                      S11                   Financial Aid No Registration                          N

                      S12                   Department Aid No Registration                     N

                      S13                   Electronic Check Block                                   N

                      S14                   Financial Hold                                                  N

                      S18                   Pre-Collect                                                      N

                      S50                   eRefund                                                          Y

                      S88                   Non-Collectable Account                                N

                      S99                   No Late Fee                                                    Y

                      SPR                  Spring Term Payment Plan                            Y

                      SUM                  Summer Term Payment Plan                         Y

      See Attachment A for an outline of the impacts of the various indicators on services,

      along with a description of those impacts.

      See Attachment B for an outline describing which service indicators various University

      offices have access to.