SECTION:                  Registration and Records
SUBJECT:                 Registration and Add/Drop
EFFECTIVE DATE:   August 29, 2005 Revised
PAGE(S):                   2


      This policy establishes the responsibilities and regulations regarding the Registration

      and Add/Drop processes, and applies to all campuses of the University.


      A student is considered enrolled only when officially registered with the University

      Registrar or designee.  Only enrolled students are permitted to attend any

      undergraduate, graduate, or first professional class.

       Registration and Add/Drop

      The Registrar has the right to withhold registration and add/drop services for

      financial, academic, or disciplinary reasons. See Policy 09-04-09, Student Service


      Registration and Add/Drop periods are established by the Office of the Provost and

      published in the Academic Calendar and the Schedule of Classes each term.

      All Registration and Add/Drop forms must be approved by a designee (faculty member

      or student advisor) of the academic program or center.

      Registration services performed after the established deadline dates must have the

      approval of the Registrar and the academic dean.  If approved, these services are

      subject to escalating and/or multiple fee assessments.

      Students, other than first professional, have the option of dropping all classes on or

      before the last day of the add/drop period, with no tuition assessment or grade

      assignment.  See Policy 09-05-08, Termination of Registration.

      Admission to closed or restricted classes must be authorized by the academic dean

      or department chairman.

      Primary and Secondary Academic Programs

      A student may register at only one campus, in only one primary academic program,

      for any term.  A student registered for any primary or secondary academic program

      within a term, and left inactive for three consecutive terms, must be readmitted into

      the program.  See Policy 09-02-05, Undergraduate Academic Programs.

      Students registered in a joint degree program will be assessed the tuition rate

      associated with their primary academic program, usually the higher rate.

      The following academic programs are secondary and cannot be considered as

      primary academic programs: the University Center for International Studies (UCIS)

      Certificate Programs; the CAS Dual Business Program; and the University Honors



      Procedure 09-04-10, Registration and Add/Drop

      Policy 09-04-09, Student Service Indicators

      Policy 09-05-08, Termination of Registration