SECTION:                  Mailing Services

SUBJECT:                 University Mail

EFFECTIVE DATE:   March 21, 1993

PAGE(S):                    3


      This policy establishes the responsibilities of University Mailing Services and all faculty,

      staff and students regarding the use of University mail.


      University Central Business Services, through its Mailing Services department, is

      responsible for processing all campus mail, metering outgoing U.S. mail, processing

      charges to departmental accounts, and coordinating and handling all registered,

      certified, and express mail.  Use of University mail or associated services for other

      than approved University business is prohibited.

      Each department administrator is responsible for ensuring that all material received

      and/or distributed for their department through the University Mail System is

      consistent with this policy.

      Mail - General

      Mailing Services handles all forms of registered, certified, insured, and express mail

      in addition to regular first class, straight third class, fourth class (parcel post), straight

      and non-profit bulk, as well as international air and surface mail.  Information pertaining

      to postage or service cost is available from the customer support service department.

      Delivery and collection schedules are established by Mailing Services based on

      building locations, mail volume, vehicle patterns, and U.S. Post Office schedules.

      Carriers may not collect or deliver mail to any unauthorized area.  Any variation must

      be authorized by Mailing Services.

      Departments must process all outgoing University-business mail which requires

      postage through the University Mail Service.

      Departments must provide individual bundle separation as follows:

            -     Campus

            -     International

            -     Special Services

            -     To be Metered

      Campus Mail

      New and used reusable campus envelopes, provided by Mailing Services, should be

      used for campus mail.

      Special Services Mail

      Special services mail includes all U.S. Post Office express (authorized for U.S. Post

      Office addresses only), registered, certified, and insured items.  FORM 0149, Mailing

      Service Request, must accompany all special service mail.  Special services mail

      which is received after 3:00 p.m. will be dispatched the following day at 8:00 a.m.

      Express Mail

      United Parcel Service (UPS) has been designated as the University's certified express

      mail carrier.  Except for express mail sent to U.S. Post Office Box Number Addresses,

      invoices for express mail services provided by any other carrier will not be paid by the

      University.  Express mail is only to be used in matters of extreme urgency.

      Permit Mail

      The University's mailing permit imprint #511 (non-profit bulk) and #1752 (business

      reply) may be used only for official University business and such use must be

      authorized by the Manager of Mailing Services.  Those organizations or groups who

      do not qualify under the University's permit can establish their own permit imprint

      account by contacting Mailing Services.

      International Mail

      All mail destined for countries outside the United States and its possessions is

      considered international mail.  All international mail must be in envelopes with

      complete address and country of destination identified in capital letters.  Self mailers

      and window envelopes are unacceptable for international mail.

      International Special Services Mail

      Special services vary from country to country.  Most countries do offer registry service

      and insurance.  Return receipt can be used only with special service.  Certified mail is

      not available.  Express mail is available in most countries. Mailing Services must be

      contacted for confirmation.

      Forwarding Mail

      When individuals leave the University, it is the responsibility of the individual's

      department to forward their mail by crossing out the old address (leaving the

      individual's name), and writing in the new address and the words "please forward."

      Forwarding service is only available for first class, priority, or mail labeled "forwarding

      and return postage guaranteed."  To forward opened mail, it must be repackaged and

      postage paid.

      Refusing Mail

      Anyone may refuse mail, providing that it has not been opened, by crossing out the

      address, marking "refused" or "return," and placing the item into the campus mail

      system.  Bulk rate, third class, or non-profit mail that is not labeled "forwarding and

      return postage guaranteed" or "address correction requested" cannot be returned to

      the sender and may be discarded.

      Personal Mail

      The University Mail system is a restricted service. It is not to be used for personal use,

      private gain, or by non-University groups or for the advertisement of programs not

      sponsored by the University.  All personal mail, e.g. magazines, bank statements,

      advertisements, etc., must be directed to the home address of the recipient employee

      or student.

      Reimbursable Postal Expenses

      Postal expenses incurred out-of-town while on University business are reimbursable

      with original receipts through a Travel and Business Expense Report.

      Postage Stamps

      Postage Stamps may be purchased with University funds as specified in Policy

      10-01-03, Postage Stamps.


      Procedure 10-01-02, University Mail - Policy 10-01-03, Postage Stamps