SECTION:                  Computing, Information, and Data
SUBJECT:                 Computer Data Administration
EFFECTIVE DATE:   February 1, 2007 Revised
PAGE(S):                    2


      This policy establishes the responsibilities for collecting, maintaining, regulating, and

      requesting on-line access to University computer data.  It applies to all departments

      and responsibility centers requiring the use of University computer data.


      Integrity and Availability of University Computer Data

      University computer data is defined as any information stored on a University owned

      and maintained computer system. This includes data stored on computer hard disks,

      computer tapes, memory devices, optical disks, and any other type of computer data

      storage media.

      Responsibility for collecting and/or processing accurate and complete University

      computer data rests with University departments and responsibility centers that have

      ownership of data stored on University computer systems.

      Designation and Responsibilities of a Data Owner

      Ultimate data ownership legally rests with the University.  Departments and

      responsibility centers must designate a “Data Owner” that will be a steward of

      University data and responsible for:

      -     Maintaining documented records describing the storage location, the use, and

            the protection of University computer data.  This includes, but is not limited to,

            creating and maintaining an inventory of data used by the department or

            responsibility center, documenting users who have access to this data, and

            documenting controls used to protect this data.

      -     Addressing the accuracy and completeness of University computer data.

      -     Ensuring the availability of University computer data through the use of data

            backup solutions.

      -     In coordination with department administrators, resolving all discrepancies

            regarding University computer data concerning an individual (student, faculty,


      -     Reviewing and, if appropriate, approving requests for access to University computer

            data in accordance with Policy 10-02-06, University Administrative Computer Data

            (UACD) Security and Privacy.

      -     Establishing and maintaining standards regarding the collection access,

            maintenance, use, dissemination, and protection of University computer data.

            These standards must align with University policies involving computer data.

      -     Ensuring that submitted requests for access to University computer data include

            the specific computer data required and the purposes for which it will be used.

      A Data Owner may rely on the expertise of an Information Technology professional to

      meet these requirements; however, the Data Owner is to be held responsible for

      ensuring that these requirements are fully addressed.

      A Data Owner may be responsible for all data used by a department or responsibility

      center, or for specific data sets.  Multiple Data Owners may be designated by a

      department or responsibility center to address multiple data sets within their areas of


      Authorized Access to University Computer Data

      University computer data are considered proprietary information and will be made

      available on a "need to know" basis to individuals requiring knowledge of such data to

      perform their job responsibilities.  Data Owners are responsible for verifying the

      access requirements of their staff, and for ensuring that all University computer data

      users within their areas of accountability are aware of University policies applicable to

      maintaining the integrity, availability and confidentiality of University computer data.

      It is the responsibility of the requestor to affirm that the accessed University computer

      data be used only as required in the performance of their duties.

      Requests which are denied by the Data Owner may be appealed to the appropriate

      senior officer for consideration.

      Reporting Violations of Computer Use Policy

      Violations of this policy should be reported immediately to the department with

      responsibilities for the compliance with this policy, including Human Resources, the

      Office of General Counsel, and CSSD. Violations can also be reported by sending

      e-mail to  The University will strive to maintain confidentiality to the

      extent possible consistent with other obligations.

      Disciplinary Action

      Violations of this policy will result in appropriate disciplinary action, which may include

      loss of computing privileges, suspension, termination, or expulsion from the University,

      and legal action.

      Violations of any federal, state, or local law concerning the unauthorized access or

      use of University computers and computing services will result in the appropriate

      disciplinary action up to, and including termination from the University.


      Policy 10-02-05, Computer Access and Use

     Policy 10-02-06, University Administrative Computer Data (UACD) Security and