SECTION:                  Computing, Information, and Data
SUBJECT:                 University Administrative Computer Data (UACD) Security and

EFFECTIVE DATE:   February 1, 2007 Revised
PAGE(S):                    2


      This policy establishes data security standards and practices for the protection of

      University administrative computer data (“UACD”) from unauthorized disclosure, and

      includes the rights and responsibilities of computer data users.  It applies to all users

      of University administrative computer data.


      Protecting University Administrative Computer Data

      Computer systems within the University contain information necessary to conduct the

      business of the institution.  This information is defined as University administrative

      computer data (“UACD”).  Examples include employee personnel records, student

      educational records, financial data, and electronic documents as well as e-mails

      used for administrative purposes.

      UACD are institutional resources and must be protected from unauthorized

      modification, destruction, or disclosure, whether accidental or intentional.

      It is the responsibility of all levels of management to ensure that all UACD users

      within their area of accountability are aware of their responsibilities as established by

      this policy, and for guaranteeing a secure office environment with regard to UACD.

      Users of UACD are responsible for:

      -     Complying with all University computer security and access policies, procedures

            and standards.

      -     Using UACD only as required in the performance of their job functions.

      -     Disclosing confidential UACD only to other faculty or staff or students, whose

            responsibilities require knowledge of such data.

      -     Exercising due care to protect UACD from unauthorized use, disclosure,

            alteration, or destruction.

      -     Adhering to applicable federal and state laws and University procedures concerning

            storage, retention, use, release, transportation, and destruction of data.

      Users of UACD are responsible for all transactions occurring during the use of his or

      her user ID and/or password.  A workstation logged into the network with access to

      UACD must not be left unattended.  The sharing of passwords and/or use of any

      University computer account is prohibited.

      Access to University Administrative Computer Data

      Access to UACD is only permitted to those individuals who are authorized to use

      UACD as required in the performance of their job functions.

      The University will comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding the

      collection, maintenance, dissemination, and protection of data.  Employees and

      students may review personal information maintained by the University.  Such reviews

      will be only at reasonable times and only in accordance with University policy and the

      law.  See Policy 07-06-05, Access to Employee Personnel Files; and Policy 09-08-01,

      Access to and Release of Education Records.

      The Data Owner, as identified in University Policy 10-02-04, Computer Data

      Administration, of UACD will confer with University counsel to obtain advice on legal

      security requirements and regulations, and the interpretation of privacy laws, and

      consult with senior management regarding information access to University data.

      Reporting Violations of Data Security Policy

      Violations of this policy should be reported immediately to the University’s Information

      Security Officer or to the Office of General Counsel, or by sending e-mail to  The University will strive to maintain confidentiality to the extent

      possible consistent with other obligations.

      Disciplinary Action

      Violations of this policy will result in appropriate disciplinary action, which may include

      loss of computing privileges, suspension, termination, or expulsion from the University,

      and legal action.

      Violations of any federal, state, or local law concerning the unauthorized access or

      use of University computers and computing services will result in the appropriate

      disciplinary action up to, and including termination from the University.


      Policy 07-06-05, Access to Employee Personnel Files

      Policy 09-08-01, Access to and Release of Education Records

      Policy 10-02-04, Computer Data Administration

      Policy 10-02-05, Computer Access and Use