SECTION:                  Computing, Information, and Data

SUBJECT:                 Computer Account Administrator

EFFECTIVE DATE:   June 4, 1989

PAGE(S):                   3


      This policy provides for the administration of the Financial Accounting Information

      System (FAIS) computer accounts that are used for acquiring Computing and

      Information Systems' (CIS) computing and University Network (PittNet) services for

      the following types of accounts:

      -     Sponsored projects (Grants)

      -     Commercial projects (External users)

      -     Carnegie Mellon University Accounts

      -     University students working on class, departmental, or school projects

      -     Faculty and Staff working on departmental projects


      Operating Budgets

      Responsibility center computing and information systems services budgets are

      established as determined by the Provost (for academic centers), the Executive Vice

      President (for the administrative centers), and the Senior Vice President for the Health

      Sciences (for health centers).  FAIS Administrators may allocate funds among

      departments in their responsibility centers at their discretion.

      Budget responsibility for the portion of the CIS budget associated with Academic

      User Consulting and Academic Computing Labs has been allocated to the Provost.

      Similarly, the CIS budget associated with Administrative Development Projects and

      Administrative User Office Equipment has been allocated to the Executive Vice


      Budget responsibility for student computing charges to the Universal Student

      Computing (USC) fund has been allocated to the Office of the Provost.  CIS, as agent

      for the Provost, will administer and supervise the USC allocation and associated

      student computer accounts.  CIS is not authorized to permit application of the

      Provost's USC allocation to any computer account beyond the conditions established


      Funds required for computing related services that will exceed budgeted amounts for

      a particular responsibility center must be requested from the appropriate senior officer

      and supported with adequate justification.

      FAIS Administrators and Project Leaders

      FAIS Administrators and project leaders are responsible for establishing the dollar

      amounts that are required for the use of CIS services.

      Computing Services Rates

      CIS is responsible for establishing the rates for charging for computing and

      information services.  If a University department outside of CIS wants to establish a

      rate for a computing-related service, such rates must be reviewed and approved by

      CIS in conjunction with the Office of the Comptroller prior to its use or publication.  All

      such rates must be developed using methodology that is consistent with that used in

      the development of the rates used by CIS.

      Commercial Users of CIS Services

      Commercial users of CIS services are responsible for the following:

      -     Submitting a Purchase Order and a Federal Tax Exemption Certification (when


      -     Designate an individual who has authority to enter into a contract with the

            University for computing services

      -     Obtaining a valid external CAP account from CIS

      The Director of CIS in consultation with the Comptroller will recommend approval or

      rejection of commercial applications for use of CIS services.

      Agreements between the University and commercial users of CIS services must be

      signed by the Executive Vice President, or his designate before such agreements can

      be considered valid.

      Use of Carnegie Mellon University Computing Facilities

      -     Applications for use of the computing facilities at Carnegie Mellon University must

            be reviewed and approved by the Director of CIS

      -     Justification for use of these facilities must be provided at the time of submitting

            the application

      Universal Student Computing

      Each registered student is provided access to the University's academic computing

      facilities for a particular student's scholastic activities.  Registered students may

      acquire a Universal Student Computing (USC) account from CIS/Computer Accounts

      Office to enable access to the VMS and UNIX timesharing systems.  The student's

      computer account will be charged to the USC fund of the Office of the Provost, and is

      subject to the following limitations:

      -     A maximum amount established by the Provost may be charged to any USC

            account each term

      -     Part-time students are limited to 40% of the maximum allocation of that permitted

            for full-time students

      -     A maximum amount of the allocation per term, established by the Provost, is

            allowed for printing

      -     Any USC account will be suspended if the CIS office has reasonable grounds to

            suspect that the account is being used for improper purposes, or that it is being

            used by someone other than the student to whom it was assigned.  Exceptions

            must be authorized in writing to CIS, from the Provost or his authorized designate.

            Improper use of mainframe accounts will result in the filing of a complaint against

            the student with the Student Judicial Board.

      Students whose computer needs are not met by the maximum amount established by

      the Provost may exercise any of the following alternatives:

      -     Class Account - Upper level Computer Science or Engineering courses that are

            "computer intensive", and require more computing than permitted on a USC

            account may be given another computer account funded by the teaching

            department.  The account must be supervised and under the restrictions and/or

            limitations imposed by the course instructor.

      -     Research Project Account - Research projects requiring computing time in

            excess of the USC limits will be provided an account for this purpose through the

            department and supervised by the research project director.

     -     Special Account - When difficulty is experienced with the USC account limitations

            for any other reasons, (e.g., the student is enrolled in several computer courses

            that require computer use, but none is considered to be "computer intensive"; or,

            an independent study project requires extra computing), another computer

            account should be requested from the department or school to set up, fund, and

            supervise for the additional work, with the understanding that such requests may

            be denied.

      The Office of the Provost will accept and consider well- documented appeals for

      supplementary CIS allocations to departments that experience the need to support

      student computing beyond the scope of the initial 1988-89 departmental allocation.

      These needs will constitute legitimate grounds for allocation requests for future

      budget years.


      Policy 10-02-12, Direct Charging for Computing and Information Systems Services

      Policy 10-02-13, University Network