SECTION:                  Computing, Information, and Data

SUBJECT:                 University Network

EFFECTIVE DATE:   July 13, 1989

PAGE(S):                    2


      This policy establishes the provisions for the installation, maintenance, and operation

      of the University of Pittsburgh Network (PittNet).


      Computing and Information Systems (CIS) is responsible for the installation,

      maintenance, and operation of the University's data communications network.

      Device Addresses

      Network users may operate only those devices attached to PittNet with addresses

      that have been authorized by CIS.

      Supported Protocol

      CIS will publicize a list of supported protocols for use on PittNet in a document called

      University Network : Attachment Services.  CIS will provide support only for the

      publicized list of protocols.

      As protocols on the list evolve, CIS will publicize plans regarding the migration of

      protocols so that users will be aware of protocol changes.  Users must operate only

      the publicized version of supported protocols, unless otherwise stated in the

      publicized migration plan.

      Network Operations

      Network users must acquire, install, operate, configure, and maintain any hardware

      and software attached to network ports.

      Network Management

      Devices attached to PittNet must implement any required security measures to protect

      data stored within the device.  This security cannot be based on access security

      provided by PittNet; it must be provided by the network device using a scheme such

      as unique user identifiers and passwords.  Users of the network must not divulge or

      otherwise use any information obtained through the network via monitoring of the


      Some network devices that can be attached to PittNet can place traffic loads on the

      network that can adversely affect other network users.  CIS will monitor network traffic

      and take steps to protect network users from one another.  Departmental networks

      must abide by a list of configuration rules publicized by CIS in the "University Network:

      Attachment Services" document.

      CIS must install, configure, operate, and maintain all connections to networks outside

      the University that provide transport capabilities for the general University network

      community.  CIS is responsible for ensuring that outside network connections provided

      by other University departments do not adversely affect other PittNet users.  CIS must

      take whatever steps necessary to prevent these adverse affects from being felt by

      network users.

      Network Expansion

      Funding for the expansion of PittNet for the interconnection of buildings will be

      considered by the University as a part of the space management planning process

      through the Office of Space Management and paid from central University funds. 

      Funding for the expansion of PittNet initiated by the departments and not coordinated

      through the Office of Space Management will be provided by the departments making

      the request as a special network alteration paid from department funds.

      Non-University Networks

      Network users must abide by the rules set by the governing body of each external

      network when a University network user is using that external network.

      Misrepresentation in Electronic Communication

      Network users must correctly identify themselves in all forms of electronic data

      communication, both inside and outside of the University.

      Payment for Network Services

      Payment for services provided by CIS will be accomplished as follows:

      -     Installation and Activation Charges - The installation and activation charge for the

            attachment of a device to PittNet cannot be paid from funds in accounts

            established solely for direct-charge computer usage.

      -     Monthly Access Charges - The monthly maintenance charge for operating a device

            on PittNet may be paid from any University departmental fund including funds

            established in accounts solely for direct-charge computer usage.

      Establishment of a Computer Account Administrator

      Before requesting a device to be attached to PittNet, the administrators of each FAIS

      account number to which services will be charged must establish accounts in the

      Computer Accounts Program (CAP).  Refer to Policy 10-02-11, Computer Account



      Procedure 10-02-13, University Network

      Policy 10-02-11, Computer Account Administration