SECTION:                  Library and Instructional Resources

SUBJECT:                 Special Library Cards and Access to University Libraries

EFFECTIVE DATE:   September 10, 1990

PAGE(S):                    2


      This policy establishes the criteria for extending borrowing privileges and providing

      access to University of Pittsburgh Libraries, and the responsibilities for issuing

      Special Library Cards, regulating their use, and collecting and maintaining patron data.

      This policy is applicable to all University of Pittsburgh libraries. These include:

      -     University Library System (ULS) libraries Graduate School of Business, Chemistry

            and Computer Science, East Asian, Economics, Engineering, Fine Arts, Graduate

            School of Public and International Affairs, Hillman, Langley, Mathematics, Music,

            Physics, School of Library and Information Science

      -     Non-ULS Libraries Falk, Law, Nursing, WPIC, and the regional campus libraries

            at Bradford, Greensburg, Johnstown and Titusville.


      Access to University Libraries

      All University libraries permit access to individuals who have been issued a University

      Identification (ID) Card. For additional information refer to Policy 07-10-01, University

      Identification Cards.


      Library borrowing privileges may be extended to persons who have been issued a

      University Identification (ID) Card. Subject to the approval of the Provost or the Senior

      Vice President for Health Sciences, the ULS Library System and the non-ULS libraries

      each determines specific borrowing privileges for their library patrons.

      Borrowing privileges are provided for categories of patrons who will be issued a Special

      Library Card in accordance with an established agreement with a particular library.

      The privileges are defined by the responsible library.

      Use of Library Cards in Lieu of ID Cards

      University libraries may issue Special Library Cards without charge to individuals

      belonging to programs which have negotiated an agreement for borrowing privileges

      at a University library.  Special Library Cards may also be purchased.  Borrowing

      privileges are defined above.

      Special Library Cards are provided without charge to individuals contributing $100 or

      more to the University through the Annual Giving Fund.

      All Special Library Cards are created and issued by the University Libraries with a

      variable expiration date not exceed one year from the date of issue.

      University Libraries are responsible for collecting and maintaining patron data for all

      library users that are not eligible for University ID Cards but are issued Special Library

      Cards for access to University Libraries.

      The schedule of annual fees for use of Library Cards is reviewed by the Coordinating

      Committee of University Libraries (CCUL), and/or updated as required.


      Procedure 10-03-03, Special Library Cards and Access to University Libraries

      Policy 10-03-01, NOTIS: University Libraries Integrated Online Circulation System