SECTION:                   Food, Alcohol, Tobacco

SUBJECT:                  Smoking

EFFECTIVE DATE:    September 25, 2007 Revised

PAGE(S):                     2 


      To provide a “smoke-free” environment inside all University of Pittsburgh owned and

      leased facilities, within 15 feet of all University building primary entrances and HVAC

      intake vents, and within all University owned or leased vehicles.  Also, to provide a

      process for requesting the establishment of “Designated Smoking Areas,” only as an

      exception to the University Smoking Policy, and for the approval and posting of all signs

      related to smoking.

II.   SCOPE    

      This procedure applies to all University of Pittsburgh owned and leased facilities and

      vehicles, as well as within 15 feet of all University building primary entrances and HVAC

      intake vents.


      The Department of Environmental Health and Safety is responsible for interpretation and

      campus wide-awareness of the University Smoking Policy, as well as for coordinating

      requests for the approval of “Designated Smoking Areas,” and ensuring that requested

      smoking areas and signs meet the required specifications.

      All University faculty and supervisory staff are responsible for the enforcement of the

      University Smoking Policy within their respective areas of responsibility.

      Department or School administrators are responsible for determining the need and as

      necessary formulating requests for “Designated Smoking Areas.”  Department or School

      administrators are also responsible for funding any requested “Designated Smoking

      Areas,” after receiving the required approval described in this procedure.

      The Office of Facilities Management is responsible for ensuring that all signs comply with

      the specifications required by the University and applicable City and County ordinances.



      Administrator                                     1.    Evaluate the need for “Designated Smoking

                                                                        Areas” within your unit/space of operation.

                                                                 2.    If necessary, determine a location for a

                                                                        “Designated Smoking Area” within your unit/

                                                                        space of operation.  Note: where multiple

                                                                        Departments/Schools are situated together, a

                                                                        consensus must be obtained prior to the formal


                                                                 3.    Request the approval of the appropriate

                                                                        Responsibility Center Leaders (multiple RC

                                                                        leaders where appropriate).

                                                                 4.    If approved by the Responsibility Center

                                                                        Leaders(s), forward the request in writing to the

                                                                        Director of Environmental Health and Safety for

                                                                        review and consideration.

      Director, Environmental

      Health and Safety                               5.    Assess the need and the requested location for

                                                                         a "Designated Smoking Area" to determine if

                                                                         the need and the area meets the required

                                                                         specifications including but not limited to:

                                                                         a.    The requested area is physically separated

                                                                                from "non-smoking" areas (within campus

                                                                                buildings and outside, not within the 15 feet

                                                                                of a primary entrance and HVAC intake


                                                                         b.    The ventilation is adequate to prevent

                                                                                contamination of air in a "non-smoking"

                                                                                area, as evidenced by a discernible odor.

                                                                  6.    If approved, notify the appropriate Responsibility

                                                                         Center Leader(s) and the Office of Facilities

                                                                         Management in writing.

      Office of Facilities

      Management                                       7.    Following approval and authorization by the

                                                                         Director of Environmental Health and Safety,

                                                                         design and provide a cost estimate to the

                                                                         Responsibility Center Leader for “Designated

                                                                         Smoking Area” signage and all other

                                                                         construction related costs.

      Department of

      Environmental  Health

      and Safety                                           8.    Maintain a list of all “Designated Smoking

                                                                         Areas” to include the location and the

                                                                         Responsibility Center.

      Office of Facilities

      Management                                       9.    Provide “No Smoking” signs, wherever

                                                                         appropriate, ensuring compliance with the

                                                                         University of Pittsburgh Smoking Policy and

                                                                         Procedure and applicable City and County



      Policy 04-05-03, Smoking