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What's New in PRISM R12

PTE Time Entry On-line Users

The upgrade of the PRISM system required some minor changes on how to access the PTE time entry screen as well as a new look.

All previous PTE responsibilities (listed in table below) have been replaced with one responsibility which is PTE Hourly Time Entry. 

Once the responsibility is chosen, the new PTE time entry screen will appear and this is where you will choose the appropriate Employee Group and Period to enter hours for hourly employees.  The Employee Groups are as follows:  All-Temps, BHPCR, FWS Off Campus, FWS On Campus, MHPCR and SHPCR.

Below is a conversion table between the PTE responsibilities that are being replaced and the new PTE responsibility Employee Group.

The functionality of the screens has not changed but there are minor differences between the screens that you have been using and the new screen and/or functions.  There are four new user manuals that will instruct you through the new screens.  The chapters are as follows:

Chapter 1 – Web Time Sheets Navigation

Chapter 2 – Web Time Entry

Chapter 3 – Timekeeper Defined Time Entry Batches

Chapter 4 – Hours By Person

Just click on the chapter links to print the new information. If you have any questions, please email your payroll representative.


PRISM TRKS Time responsibility

  • Navigation has changed as follows to access the Recent Timecards form in order to create, view or edit timecards:
    • Click on the PRISM TRKS Time responsibility
    • Click on the Time Record Information link
    • Click on the Time Entry link
  • A new Search feature is available on the Recent Timecards form.  Prior timecards can now also be retrieved by entering a specific From Date and To Date.  

Non-Exempt/Exempt Account Distribution (NEAD) form

  • This form is available to users with the PRISM TRKS Supervisor responsibility. 
  • Although the appearance of the Non-Exempt/Exempt Account Distribution (NEAD) form has changed, the functionality has not.  Information on navigation, changing account numbers, changing percentages and correcting errors is available by accessing the updated PRISM TRKS Student Guide, Non-Exempt/Exempt Account Distribution (NEAD), Chapter 10.  Click here to access the link to this chapter.


The Purchase Order screens have changed to be more similar in appearance and navigation to the self-service applications, such as PRISM TRKS.  The purchase order entry process has been streamlined, requiring less movement between screens when keying in orders.

To become familiar with the new order entry screens, a number of training resources are available to you.

Quick Reference Cards

Print a Quick Reference Card for a convenient how-to desktop reference of the important purchasing functions. 

PRISM Purchasing Quick Reference Card for Department Buyers

PRISM Purchasing Quick Reference Card for Central Buyers

Purchasing Learning Demos

View any of the following demos for step-by-step instructions accompanied by audio.


Enter, Approve, and Fax a Purchase Order

Enter a Multi-line Purchase Order

Enter Multi-Distributions

Modify Purchase Orders

Enter Notes

Run Reports

Approval Queue Management

Cancel a PO or PO Line

Delete a PO

Print and Refax a PO

Enter a Requisition

Live WebEx Learning Sessions

Attend a live WebEx learning session to become familiar with the new look of the PRISM purchasing application. Click on the link to register for the session you would like to attend. Complete the registration form by entering your name and email address.  You will receive an email confirmation with directions for logging and calling into the training webinar.


Date Time Registration Link
Oct 5 10-11am Event
Oct 5 2-3pm Event
Oct 6 2-3pm Event
Oct 7 10-11am Event
Oct 12 10-11am Event
Oct 13 2-3pm Event


Accounts Payable

Coming Soon!

General Ledger

There are minimal changes to the GL application. 

  • In the Enter Journals screens, on the Journal Page, the order of the fields at the Header level has changed.  The information you enter has not changed.
  • When drilling down to Invoicing information in Account Inquiry & View Funds Available there is a View Transaction button that must now be selected. Click on the link below for instructions on the new drilldown steps.
  • When running the Account Analysis report, the Parameters screen has additional fields.  The new fields automatically fill in with default values, so the parameters you set have not changed.   Click on the link below for updated instructions of running the Account Analysis report. 
  • There is a new AutoCopy Batch button.  This feature has not been fully tested, so do not use the button to copy batches.