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Contract Signing Authority

  • Who has authority to sign a contract?


Who has authority to sign a contract?

Only personnel authorized by the University’s Bylaws and the Board of Trustees can sign contracts on behalf of the University.  This includes the Chancellor, the Provost, all Vice Chancellors, and those delegated in writing by a person authorized to do so by the Board of Trustees. 

Contracts presented by a supplier:

Regardless of the contract value, if your department is being asked to sign a contract by a supplier, the contract should be sent to Purchasing Services for review and signature.  If required, Purchasing Services will coordinate a review with the Office of General Counsel. 

Contracts using standard University terms and conditions:

The University has developed several standard contracts for services.

For agreements valued at $5,000 or less, you can contact the supplier and determine if it will accept one of these contracts with no changes.  If so, you should have the supplier and a responsible department administrator sign the agreement. If the supplier wishes to propose changes, request a written summary of the changes and forward to Purchasing Services for review, approval, and signature.


For agreements valued greater than $5,000, please contact Purchasing Services through the inquiry page.





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