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Specialty Underwriters Group has established a dedicated client services website for the University of Pittsburgh. 

What is Specialty Underwriters Group and What Do they Do?


Do you already have an account?  If so, you may log into the client services area from

Do you want to set up an account? To set up an account contact Shelly Tilghman or Jacki Blaha: 


Shelley Tilghman

(414) 331-0039

Jacki Blaha

(800) 558-9910 x2757


Not sure whether you need an account?
Explore the test area to familiarize yourself with Specialty Underwriters Group website to determine whether you need an account: 

From log in as  and use this password:  test2011.

Specialty Underwriters Group FAQ for non-account holders: 
If you do not yet have an account but have further questions about Specialty Underwriters Group, please review this FAQ.




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