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Are the companies listed in PRISM considered University contracted suppliers?

Not all suppliers listed in PRISM are considered University contracted suppliers. These suppliers were selected through a rigorous evaluation process and consultation with University product advisory groups.  These suppliers offer competitive pricing, high quality products, and outstanding customer service.  Non-contracted suppliers listed in PRISM are considered approved for use with the exception of goods/services offered by the University’s contracted suppliers.


Can I place orders with suppliers using their web/internet based order processing tools rather than using University systems? 

No. It is against University Policy to enter into purchase agreements or place orders using any other method except PRISM, PantherBuy, or the P-Card.  Any other system may expose the University to terms and conditions that are not in agreement with our own.  Please contact Purchasing if you feel there is a unique need.


How do I add or reactivate a supplier in PRISM?

The supplier should complete Section II of the Supplier Verification Form and return it along with the appropriate IRS document. (Please note that faxed W-8 forms are acceptable to establish foreign suppliers, however, a signed original must follow and be submitted to Purchasing Services prior to the supplier receiving payment.) The University department should complete Section III of the Supplier Verification Form and submit the completed form with the IRS document to Purchasing Services.

How do I make changes to a supplier in PRISM?




To add an additional site to an existing supplier, all sections of the Supplier Verification Form must be filled out and an appropriate IRS document submitted. For changes in a supplier’s name, address, or tax identification number, an appropriate IRS document must be submitted along with a letter from the supplier stating the change(s) on company letterhead.

How do I update or change a supplier's fax number?

To change a supplier’s fax number please use the on-line Fax Number Update form


Should I use a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) even if there is a contracted supplier?

No.  The first choice in supplier selection is to use a contracted supplier.  The process for determining contracted suppliers considers price, quality, delivery, service and business management in an effort to obtain the best overall value for the University.  At the outset of this process every effort is made to include qualified DBE’s for consideration.  If it is discovered that the DBE represents the best overall value to the University during this process then it is awarded the contracted supplier status.  You can find these DBE suppliers on the Purchasing website with a designation of DBE in the Category column.  However, if a DBE is not listed as a contracted supplier then use those suppliers that are contracted suppliers as your first supplier selection criteria.

If you are a researcher attempting to fulfill the requirements of a subcontracting plan, consider using one of the DBE non-contracted suppliers.

When do I use a Supplier Verification Form?

Use a Supplier Verification Form to provide Purchasing Services and Payment Processing with the required information to establish a new supplier or change an existing supplier in PRISM.


Supplier Verification From Guidelines:

When submitting Supplier Verification Forms to Purchasing Services, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Use the current version.  To ensure that you are using the most current version of the Supplier Verification Form, only use the version posted on the Purchasing Services website:
  • Check the DUNS field.  If the supplier completes page 2 the Supplier Verification Form, it is the department’s responsibility to make sure that the DUNS field is complete.


  • Only current versions of the Supplier Verification Form will be processed.
  • Only complete Supplier Verification Forms will be processed.

How do I submit a Supplier Verification Form to Purchasing Services?

  • Access the most current version of the Supplier Verification Form.

  • Fill out the Supplier Verification Form and save it to your computer. 

    All of the form fields are interactive, therefore, you type directly on the form as long as you are typing in the form fields.

  • Fax the completed form (including the W-9) to Purchasing Services at 412-904-5529.


How long does it take to activate a Supplier Verification Form in PRISM?





Processing time for a Supplier Verification Form is normally 24-48 hours.  However, if forms are incomplete or illegible processing time may take longer


























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